ken evans track

Kenevanans Track Bike (Fixie) (eBay item 260752184798 end time 24-Mar-11 21:03:09 AEDST) : Sport

reasonably priced, but a large frame at 60cm


I’d sell mine for $1500. anyone interested should check the “best Kenevans ever built” thread in the post your ride forum…

Would you sell it for $950 though? If so then shotgun. One of my all time favourite builds.

I can’t let it go for that much:(

If this is reasonably priced then my Ken is on the market too. :slight_smile:


for that build - and that dude - 1500 is reasonable.

shit pics may keep the price down though.

shanon wouti, you’ve changed man!!

Mr Dyldo: ‘whoah, sweet ken dude’
SHH annon: ‘yea-ah, that’s just how I roll. On sweet kens…’

this ken is one of the really hot ones, hope someone nice buys it