Kenevans 55 NSW

Kenevans Road Frame Reynolds 753 Vintage 55cm Columbus Tips Cinelli BB Steel | eBay

That’s nice.

very nice … the seller is also a member here and a great guy.


wow…really nice.

Yea its mine, not exactly priced to sell but I’d rather keep it than give it away.
I reckon it would have been a high end order back in the day

^ I actually thought it was pretty reasonably priced - looks immaculate!

Hang on, Jase, no internal cable routing!

I had to look closely to see if it was mine from back in the day (waited 4 months !!) and took me 2 years to pay off (I was 17). Mine was also 753, had an internal lugged fork crown that was all chrome and was a bit smaller than this (53.5 x 54.5).

If it’s 753 you can bet it’s a special order.

adds weight … 753 tubing is pretty thin, so a better option not to.

Yeah, I think its a perfectly fair price for what it is and the level of description, info and disclosure you provide.

hence still for sale =P