kenevans funny bike

picked this up this week, just threw it together for the saturday morning ride.

will post more pics once ive got my other bars, wheels and cranks on it.

rides great, except for corners. 3 inches of toe overlap makes the corners fun…

nice, but that seat angle looks like it would hurt your balls.

the top tube has a pretty big forward slope. the seat is pretty much level. anyhow, i like a bit of testicular abuse.

What wheels you putting on, are you splurging on wheels too!!!

Oh, and about that address of your mates…

ive got some aeroheads set up for s/s, im gonna get a fixed/fixed hub laced in there. the bike really deserves campy everything, but i’ll have to wait for the death of the fixie boom to afford it.

June 22nd, next year.

and drops!

got my beady little eye on some drops…

june 23rd, 2009, i buy a full campy group…

Looks like a nice frame, Looks like it should be running a 650 front end?

yeh it “should” be. i kinda really want to ride it on the street, and the 650 front could really make the sucker unrideable in real terms. that said, im keeping my eyes open. a mate has offered to lend me a 650 front just to see what its like…

Do it, don’t be scared. It’ll thank you for it.

damn thats some tight clearance!

thats what she said!

but seriously, yes, some tight clearance…

you’ve never heard that in your life, arsehole.

ummm. . . whoa.

[quote=tick.tick.tick ]
you’ve never heard that in your life, arsehole.

arsehole! speaking of tight clearances…

I thought id seen this bike before…

that pic needs an update: ive got new sunnies now.

here it is as i ride it at the moment.
still to come: 650c fork (in transit from USA), 650c front wheel, new pedals etc.

I want a funny bike. :frowning: