KenEvans Pursuit

very very nice. someone bring it home!!!

and a nice daccordi from the same seller

That Ken is freaking awesome.

fcuk yes. super nice ken.

not as nice as a new one.

Ken Evans

I wouldn’t kick it out of bed for farting.

That site is confusing. does that mean ken is building again?

Sure looks like it :wink:

I’ve heard the same from another source but not sure whether he was going public yet.
Good for him/good on him. If I had the coin I’d be dialing those digits and putting an order in.

Cant view the website, but this is very exciting news.
I know what I want for christmas!!

Fuck! he wont send it too me!

If you really want it and can’t find anyone who will forward it to you, have a look at US Mail Forwarding, International Shipping | freight forwarding

You guys blew his bandwidth.

i found that website the other day. emailed him about 5 days ago with no response yet.

you would be better off picking up the phone

I think iphone’s even have an app for that.

Paging Erle Pavlis. Erle Pavlis to this thread.

A disposable comment from the BNA forums:

I understand the Kenevans brand name was taken over by a guy that lives in Lara, just outside Geelong. I don’t know whether he is doing anything with the brand though.

Anything in it?

Erle has been quoted as saying he won’t buy new bikes… as he believes they are too expensive. Will his ‘ken lust’ prove this wrong…?

I’ve got a Scott CR1 that says you’re lying. I’m looking at it right now.

If Ron Mitten rose from the grave and started building again, then I’d be excited.

Erle Pavlis has also been heard to say that he would give a Max tubeset to Ken to have a frame built for him. In fact I believe it was two frames, one to ride, one to put away.

I forgot this. Time to put my money where my mouth is I guess.