Kenevans restoration..

So I finally got the money together to get this Kenevans restored. I bought it complete off ebay about a month ago, 600 group. The guy who owned it before me had given it a REALLY crappy paint job, with some really crappy homemade decals, so it is getting a fresh powdercoat and some decals from Cyclomondo. It is going to be built up with a Shimano Sante group.

Basically, I am wondering if there was anyway I could work out what tubing it was made from… I don’t really know how to get in contact with Ken himself, so is there anyway at all to work out what the tubing is? If it helps, is takes a 27.2 seatpost.

a powdercoated Ken? :-o

Yeah, still reckon you should spend some extra bucks on a decent paint job.


still? you’ve never said that.

plus i don’t have a few hundred dollars to spend on a paint job.

Then save more money.
get a credit card
rob somebody
bitch somebody

but remember…

a powdercoat will kill it.

What’s an average price to get a proper paintjob then?

Shimano Sante

What’s that? Is that a fishing reel?

Shimano made it for 2 years I think. It’s quality was between 600/Ultegra and Dura Ace.

Sante! Sweet!

I would ask the Ken Evans tifosi (eg Andy White) to find out what he usually built with. 27.2mm indicates decent Cr-Mo tubing. If you managed to source an ultrasonic thickness tester you could measure the wall thickness of the main and butted sections and narrow it down a little more, but why bother, especially if you’re only going to do an average powdercoat job on it?

Get in touch with the builder/painter (Ewen, at Cog Bike Cafe for a quote on a wet paint job. If you have a nice Sante group and are going to get repro decals, wait and save a little longer and do the paint properly, even if it’s only a single colour with clear over decals.

It’s quality was between 600/Ultegra and Dura Ace.

This is right. I was only stirrin cause I only thjought they made Dura Ace. :wink:

Satné, Nice one.Is the group NOS or used? are you going to use the Biopace chainrings? what kind of condition? whered you get it?
get the frame painted well for sure, it will be worth it, you won’t regret it.

Used, though I hunted down a NOS, still in box Sante braze-on FD to go with the Ken. The group is all in pretty good condition though, except for the rear mech, which is a bit scratched up. I got the group on a Miyata 1200 that I found at Cashies.

You guys have kind of convinced me to get a wet paintjob. I’ll suss out some quotes, but my old man says he knows a guy who should do a pretty good job for a good price.

Pip, get some pics of the dropouts, fork crowns, and the serial number. I reckon it’s a later era QLD built Ken. It’s also the first I’ve seen with Kenevans stamped dropouts. I reckon it’s 531 or equivalent Columbus tubing.


This frame was made in 84 with 753 Reynolds serial number is 088. Original reciept as shown and cost $535 which was a lot in 84.


I’ll take some tomorrow. The frame has 1281 stamped onto the bottom bracket shell, with ‘57’ stamped on the shell as well. The number 1281 is also stamped onto the fork steerer.

Why do you need to know?

What if it turns out to be plumbers pipe?


Just put some 531 decals on it and ride it.