Kenevans roadie 54 x 55 Adelaide $80 starting price

Classic 1987 55cm Road Bike Kenevans, Handmade frame retro triathlon bicycle | eBay

sheriff star at the front?

any radelaidians wana help a brother out with postage??..and possibly confirming if it has pantos??

been wanting a ken forever.

its around the corner from me, going around tonight.

sweet alex, if you dont end up making an offer and grabbing it from him, id love to know exact size and if there are any pantos on the fork shoulders and seat stays.

sure you have :wink:

How much you looking to spend Jase?, 55 top tube red has the K’s you want, atlanta wheels full campy at my house, One in one out.

i should probably edit my comment

…been wanting a cheap ken forever…hahha

being the frugal bastard i am, and knowing your shit is top notch snail, i dont think i could afford it.

So. Fucking. Tempted.

not sure if you read the description, but this could push you over the brink… :wink:

with a lick and polish.

But I’m a married man!

How far do i go for a Kenevans…?

ive come to an arrangement with the amazing ZOLTAN should this deal go through

i wish… i wish i was BIG!

this looked like cousin!

(i’ve got it and arrived this morning :slight_smile: )

I’m wishing too alexb618.

PS: my site is now up and running. Welcome to Zoltan’s website

Also, the paint looks so much like my F(ake) Moser…

oh you cruel bastard… my ears… my ears.

One of you boys snaffel it already?

alexb618 did…