Kenevans roadie.

So my Kenevans resto is complete.

Frame+Fork: Kenevans
Headset: Shimano Sante
Cranks: Shimano Sante
Rear Mech: Shimano Sante
Front Mech: Shimano Sante
Shifters: Shimano Sante
Calipers: Shimano Sante
Levers: Shimano Sante
Wheels: Shimano Sante laced to Wolber rear and Velocity front.
Seatpost: Shimano 600
Stem: Shimano 600
Saddle: San Marco Rolls
Handlebars: Generic shite, but they do the job.

Nice bike. Geared Kenevans are the new hipster.

i like the cut outs on the lugs… flying v style. And nice job on getting sante bits together, its a good colour combo with your frame.

Nice build!

The components and saddle type go really well with the frame.

What’s the deal with Shimano Sante- was this a limited edition road groupset?
Where did it sit in the hierarchy?

i like that a lot.

i’d never heard of the sante groupset til pip mentioned it in another thread. then, while researching suntour sprint bits, i found out that suntour did an equivalent groupset, in white, called the ole’. mustve been some weird white enamel spanish fetishism going on amongst the component manufacturers… did campagnolo ever do a white enameled gruppo?

i know that sugino did, i got some VL’s that are white same vintage

I think I rode past you on Lonsdale ST yesterday… shit hot ride!

Fucking awesome pip!

Very nice indeed pip, well thought out.

It sat somewhere in between 600/Ultegra and Dura Ace. It was made as fashionable groupset pretty much. I think it was made for two years, sometime in the late '80s. I like it a lot though, it rides really well.

Overall, I’m pretty stoked with it!

Just did a quick search and found this quite useful site which I’m sure you’ve seen before:

So how did you come across this groupset anyway Pip?

Miyata sold a bike for a couple of years in the late '80s with this groupset on it, and I found that bike at a Cash Converters for a good price. I had to hunt down a Sante Front Der. and I also found a wheelset with the Sante hubs on it because the Miyata didn’t come with either.

nice… reynolds what?

Awesome looking ride!
I’m new to this forum, but whilst on the Sante topic, you may like my mid '90s Davidson:

Not the best photo, I know, but you get the idea. I only have a partial Sante group on mine - cranks, calipers, levers, derailleurs, shifters. I’ve changed it a little since this photo, but nevertheless, the other bits are tri-colour era 600 hubs on Mavic Open Sport rims, seatpost and headset are Campy, saddle is a Rolls, bars and stem are Nitto B-115 and Technomic respectively.

Wanna start a Sante ride? :smiley:

Holy shit, are you a giant?! :lol:

Well, it depends on your perspective. I’m 193cm/ 6’4.5". The bike is 65cm c-c with a 61cm t.t. For whatever reason, that photo makes it looks even bigger again.

when you’re 5’6", and top tubes run in the 50cm range, yes, you ARE a giant.

your head tube is about 3 times the length of mine…


True, but you are talking about a pursuit bike here. :slight_smile: