Kenevans roady

Thought I’d share this with you guys .This frame was built in 1983 for a guy I work with by Ken Evans, Renolds 753 tubing, 45/45 ,and cost him $470.00 and was the top of the line frame in its day and he won 2 state championships on it. He then sold it to another guy at work and it sat under his house for years. Last week he bought it back and took all the campag gear off ,Stuck a pair of carbon Bianchi forks on and new derailer , cranks, brakes , and all he needed was some new bar tape to finish it. When I went over this morning to give him some money for a frame I just sold for him on Ebay ,I took a camera with me to take some photo’s of the frame but because of the carbon fork I thought it spoilt the look of it , and didn’t worry about it. After chatting for a while about whether he should sell his last project,a Cad4 with full campag accesories he said he probably shouldn’t have worried about buying back the Kenevans. Thinking he was bullshitting I said I would take it and he said okay, I couldn’t wait to pay him quick enough.He stripped off all the new bits and put back the campag cranks, headset, levers, superbe brakes (still has the rear superbe pro rear derailler to fix), Shimano whatever hubs ,Velocity rims ,Cinelli stem, profile bar, 3t brev seatpost not fitted because he lost the shim. So I went home gave the silver bits a wash and here it is just waiting for someone to finish. And the price $120.00, no wonder I couln’t give him the money quick enough.

Check out how he cut the guts out of the Dura ace gear levers to cut down on weight

Looks like u r doing a conversion??

Leave it as a roady!
It’ll be hot hot hot.

:-o Wow what a steal!

I agree with lats leave it as a roady. :mrgreen:

Especially with the pedigree of race wins!!!
If anyone finds a KE around the 57 size - please let me know!!!

Yep, leave it as a geared roadbike. Mmmmmm sweet :slight_smile:

Mosr definately staying geared.