Kenevans SS

Inspired by Sekt’s Alien, have done about 300k on it and love the tyres,

“shifterbikes really is the best for service bar none”

Frame: Kenevans Reynalds 753 “Mal McPherson” badly rattle canned Black

Cranks: Sugino 75’s

Tyres: Fyxation 700

Pedals: Speedplay jobbies

Wheels: Cheap velocity Deep V’s

Bars/Stem: 3ttt Mutant Combo

Headset: Chris King

Phil BB

Saddle: Rolls

Brakes: Shimano 105’s

Levers: Cane Creek

Seatpost: Thomson

Chain ect: FYX 43 black/Shimano 17/ Izumi black

Lights: Fibre Flare/Knog

GEN Mudguard

Thanks to Dan and TC for putting up with my jabbering, and Ryan for the Fibre Flare

love it, I wanna get something like this going before I tackle bris-sydney.

Nice choice of stem/handlebars

bravo. looks like you’ve done a real proper-like job of it.

that bike looks like you could ride it from here to perth via darwin and not have to touch a thing.

Weird, i’m half way through building an almost identical bike for a friend. I’m running profile cranks though. NICE BIKE THOUGH :smiley:

That’s a nice looking urban assault bike

Nice blend of components too, makes it much nicer than an off the shelf job ay? :wink:

was just thinking the same thing.
well done looks like a really solid, well thought out build

Thanks for the comments,

This will soon have a pair of aerospkes :evil:

Nice looking ride, super nice stem…

Usually the mudguard looks unusual but that’s cool dude.

Very nice!

This is a joke right?

that mudguard is a monster!

Aw shucks.

Sweet build, looks rock solid.

Epic thread revival. Just felt the need to bump this one, as it’s pretty much my favourite bike in the history of

So, um, Snail, any updates on this one?

Hey etom,

Thanks for the comments, rode it over a lot of bumps until the fibre flare snapped off then i kept chipping the rattle can paint so i thought its time for this 753 tubing to go back on the road where it belongs before i break it.

Currently is set up my commuter bike (two days a week) with modern campy shamals, Michelin krylion tyrels, (the ones with the red pinstripe) and a SS conversion with Crud mk2’s,I also added some ken decals i had sitting around.

You cant fault fyxation tyres if you spend the coin on them you get your money’s worth, they now sit on another Ken for
Sunday arvo rides with the wife, while i save for a proper CX bike … and a new roadie i hope.

Due to saving for a proper CX bike, here’s what i have done to this one, “saddle bag and lights, fenders for winter” minus shamals “sold” and now has some wheels i got for free.

With this being 753 i should have never taken it on the dirt, gravel but hey its all i had at the time.

Got another re-jig, this time Chinese industries 50mm Carbon rear laced to a 24 hole on one jobbie, tyres are now specalized arma elite ones Sime has posted about and he is right on the mark they are sweet as,
I’ll be sticking with these for a while I can tell.
WI Freewheel,
mudguards have had 12 months use now and are still going strong.
Only just added the limp dick saddle / see how it goes.

It’s running 43/16, just enough to get up kinglake and I mean just.

It’s no longer matchy matchy;) but these changes have made the bike a lot of fun to ride, and I figure that’s what it’s all about eh.
oh yeah carbon pads in the rain have been fine so far.

This is the best! Ultimate SS Machine

I’m hoping my SS turns in to something like this eventually. Also I love the SCR-5 cane creek levers, most comfortable non brifter lever IMO.

Thought I’d thread dig this out,
smashed this bike up a bit but here it is from 2011-2012