Kenevans Track 50cm - Perth Gumtree

Crappy pics, but decent price if legit

Fixie/Track | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Bedford

Lol i read the add earlier as 58cm and thought it looked stupidly tight. Then I just saw your post saying 50cm and it makes sense lol. Still not my size ha ha

I wish that was my size ,It looks rad, and in good condition:) you sure are quick on those gumtree ads jase!

would be in my hands if it was anywhere near my size =D

haha…not a lot for me to do when the wife hands me my 2 month old =D

Anyone got onto this yet? Really wanted this posted to Melbourne…

if you get it mate im sure a few of us could help get it packed up/shipped for you!

How much would you reckon to post it to Melbourne 3000? I might ditch the tubular wheels and get everything else!!

i reckon 60~ bucks by courier if it was pulled apart and boxed up