Kenevans Track

So I’ve had this girl for a few months now and its bloody ace. Plan to give it a good clean when the weather gets better and then chuck on some new decals and maybe some white bar tape and a white saddle but for now keeping it as.

Frame: Kenevans Track
Wheelset: Suntour Superb pro to mavic open cd
Cranks: Campagnolo Pista
Chainring: Campagnolo 50t
Cog: oldschool steel 19t
Seatpost: Cinelli
Headset: Tange
Stem and Drops: Cinelli
Bottom Bracket: Sugino
Pedals and Clips: shimano somthingorothers






Super clean and awesome.

What bar tape is that?

the bar tape is a couple of old inner tubes. sorta makes the bars a bit thicker and more like grip.

fuck thats some tight geo!

Totally doing that tonight.

awesome ride! looks the goods

that tyre clearance is just as bad as on my ride. did you do anything to prevent the tyre slowly eating its way through the down tube? still looking for solutions to prevent this happening on mine

Dude, don’t change a thing … it looks just right and is a mighty fine ride. :wink:

it’s a lane-way whore
just like you

holy wheel clearance!

tight as a nun’s nasty

sex on wheeels.

right click - copy

open - bike porn folder

right click - paste


wouldnt have it any other way - check my stand (beer bottle i found at my door)

and thank gypsy - but dont do anything too dirty, since shes still my girl :stuck_out_tongue:


very nice
good speech today :smiley:

nice, super nice what size is it?

NIce bike, but I hope you don’t get new decals. I think the current decal is the best part of the bike!

That is a rad frame!! mad clearance

i was also thinking of that frame color
it’s great

yea i might just chuck one on the head tube and maybe the seat tube. i guess subtle is kinda cool tho.

its 57 square

so how do you get the inner tubes to stick to the handlebars? I’m intrigued
Nice bike

pull em really tight then check some bar ends in. piss easy