Kenevans Track

Finally got around to putting this together

Frame: Kenevans 56 square Reynolds 531
Wheels: Campy Atlantas laced to sunshine hubs
Cranks: Dura ace 170
Chain: Kmc
Headset: Campy
Stem: Cinelli
Pedals: MKS
Saddle: Turbo
Post: Campy

Quite nice, isn’t it.

Would love to see it minus the Oakley sticker though.

Looks rad. All that white is going to get filthy though!

cheers guys, removing the oakley stickers is on the to-do list.

loving the atlantas but white tires are not my thing but really nice overall

+1. love the bike except the tires. black is the new black

Very clean looking bike mate. I have trouble keeping my whites clean on my bike, so I imagine u’ll struggle with yours too :slight_smile:

nice and clean

loving the atlanta’s and frame!

White tires have been pretty good so far, have had the front on a previous build for months. Wouldn’t mind getting a nice pair of gum walls :sunglasses:

I like the oakley sticker. I would have put it closer to the headtube though. But it was probably already on there when you got it.

yea oakley stickers were already there, one on the other side as well. Not sure if they have any significance?

i’ll get you one.

Very nice, but the pedroza reigns supreme hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Shit that’s a nice bike

do you watch Iron Chef?

haha Chen kenichi FTW. Just a little bro 2 bro competition. :smiley:

can i please buy your atlantas

sorry but im not letting these go any time soon, ive run them on a few builds and they are super strong :smiley:

pm me if you are interested in getting a set, i think a mate still has a pair he’s trying to offload

So cool~ Are you ready to skid???

Yeeeaa ready for some skids :sunglasses: