Kenevans track

Better photos up…
Picked the frame up not so long ago from the bay, took it for a ride and fell in love so spent the extra to get something i really liked

Kenevans track built by mal McPherson 59.5 seat tube and 57.5 top tube unkown columbus tubing
Nitto jaguar stem
Hatta swan super deluxe headset
Dura ace Cranks, chain ring and BB
Nitto jaguar seatpost
Nitto drops, Ourys and Champ Grips
San Marco saddle
Velocity deep v’s laced to Phil Woods
Time atac pedals

noice, definitely need daytime shots. Looks like a short top tube judging by that head tube?

Money$$$$$ well spent :slight_smile: Looks nice! YEAH FENDER!

Yeah it looks a little smaller than what you’d expect but that’s becasue the top tube is sloping a little.

wow love the high flange phils…drooling!

i likes…
was it a local ebay seller?

Yup Reuben he works in Melbz

haha that is awesome and so similer to my current project at the moment change the dura ace drive train to sugino and the ken to a mclachlan (austrlian frame builder out of woolengong) frame size is only really a cm off here or there, even the coulor scheme black silver and gold/yellow haha

dude nice ride looks fucking sweet

how you finding the aggresive-ness of the jaguar stem on a larger frame?
im guessing your probably a taler dude like me? its the only thing im kinda suss about before being able to have it finished and riding it for my self

Thanks gink, i’m super happy with it.

Did you buy the black mclachlan recently off the forum? Man i tried to buy that haha!
I really like the ride, the stem is fine, i got the 100mm stem, but if it wasn’t for a slightly shorter tt then i might have gotten the 90mm. if you do get it, go the chrome over the alloy super sexy-but it weighs a bit more.

I am a taller guy but my lower back isn’t that flexible so getting down on the drops for a long stretch if i’m not climbing or sprinting gets super uncomfy.

It’s actually not black, it’s a plum purple :slight_smile: the pics i’ll get on the weekend will show the colour better.


Thanks for

very nice.

Loverly Ken - And interesting tid bit about the Wollongong frame builder.

I thought it looked like it.

I took the bike for a spin when he first decided to sell it a few months ago. TT was too long for me… :frowning:

Was a ridiculous deal when he got it… you have it set up somewhat close to how he had it too.

I love how mudguards can fit so nicely on the seat tube on big frames.
Very keen for better photos.

Yeah i think he got it for something like $500 complete? Do you know him well?
It is set up similar to how he had it, similar taste i suppose-and there isn’t much room to move in my mind with older bikes like this-wasn’t going to throw on a set of purple or yellow wheels :slight_smile: I Nearly got open pros onto PW but settled for the veeps.
You guys reckon open pros would’ve looked better? only marginally lighter and thought the veeps could handle my arse a bit more.

He lived with my brother for a bit, is still good friends with him. There’s a few of us on here that ride roadies with him (ir)regularly. Has Good Dude status with me.

OPs are stronger than DeepVs, they just dont look that way :wink:

That, my friend, is sexy.

It looks like it’s going to be ridden too.

yeah i got the malachlan off here sorry not wollengong, wangi wangi i always think its woolengong though for some reason

open pro’s are always nice but the silver of the v’s with out the overly obnoxious profile of the b43’s looks sweet with those hubs, stem and seat post, think you did the right thing

nice nice nicce! Those high flange hubs are something, a piece of art. love the guard.

it’s refreshing to see a bike like that on here, after all the powdercoated crap lately. awesome show/great job.

I know Rueben too, and was also tempted by this frame… TT is ok for me but ST was a potential nutcrusher so i let it go.

Looks good, think I saw you belting down Bridge road on it the other night?

“Do a…” gone