Kenevans Track

Ken track
Sugino 75’s
Sansin hubs to open pros
Sugino post
Nitto pearl stem

All polished and rebuilt by SB.

Looking forward to hitting the track in the new year!

Done very nicely! Black/Red/White colour scheme looks really good. Only thing is the low quality photo.

Cheers mate! Rubbish smartphone photos are all I have at the minute, will take some better ones shortly and re-post!

Chuck some gumwalls on it before you do :wink:
Nice work.

Nice bike:)

Lovely wheels!

I remember seeing this for sale earlier in the year. Was so close to buying it…TWICE! It’s a super nice bike, that’s for sure.

Nicely done!
What sort of tubing is the frame made of?

Very nice! I think I saw the frame at sb behind d counter

i spy a 531 sticker

Saw this at SB. Not really feeling the black fork but the rest of the bike is stunning

I like this a lot.

I’m glad this one is an actual track bike and not a tarck bike.

I love Mavic Open 4cd’s!

Nice frame, nice parts…

Sex. Dunno about the white bits though.