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Shame about the forks.

still good buying

yeap, still a good buy tho

Think I might get it. My bro is in wellington next month.

you gotta win it first…

not much interest in track bikes over yonder… riding on the outdoor Hataitai velodrome would suck with Welly’s weather.

well good luck to you friend, may you win it and let me have a go.



So I didn’t win it after all. Thats what i get for being a cocky bastard. It sold pretty cheap too. But the fork bothered me and the idea of having to source a replacement steel fork (ideally having Ken make one) would have added a fair bit to the price tag. I’ll just have to bide my time until the next one pops up.


Ah shit dude, I’ve got a pair of track forks sitting in the garage that would have fit and you could have had for cheap.

Don’t tell me that! In all honesty I should have probably bought it. I would have normally, I just don’t have money for non-essential purchases ATM. Next time…