Check it!!

It’s a bit of a fake really because I need to pull it apart and grease everything properly and put fresh grease in those beautiful NOS 1981 Suntour Superbes.

But…I have actually ridden it 100m or so, therefore it is gallery-worthy.

After DISC next week I should have some arty pics for fixedgeargallery.

Nice, very nice! So will this be a velodrome-only bike?

For the moment it will be. But it might get the occasional fair weather cruise to Williamstown now and then. But with no brakes, 20mm tyre and 85 inches it’s not really a good street bike for me.

I guess we’ll see how it goes at DISC.

Maybe I’ll build some singles out of the NOS Suntour Sprint high flange hubs I got for $130 a couple of weeks ago.

Yep that’s right, another pair of NOS Suntour track hubs! Is everybody else asleep or something? And they say there are no bargains on eBay anymore.

Not asleep, just looking elsewhere!!!

HOT! That fork’s a mean looking needle.

Very, very nice…

I must say though, you could have put some effort into finishing off the small details…! I can see some bits of orange on the rear tyre that are begging to be blacked out… I’m not even going to mention how much colouring in you’ve missed on the sidewalls of the front tyre… he he :slight_smile: Get the Marker pen out again mate…

Great bike, I’m looking forward to seeing it flying around DISC.


You recognise that sound don’t you.


that’s gotta hurt Pete.