Nice resto. Seen this around on various forums.

my understanding is that its not actually a ken evans

Really? I know it was bought from Ralph at Rosewater ages ago. A dude I know rides a Kenevans that looks very similar. Same forks and lugs. Although, it also has a Europa decal on the seat tube.

What do you reckon it is?

The Kens with the Europa stickers on the seattube are a bit of a weird one. from what i can work out, europa and ken both had contracts to supply the aust cycling team with bikes. Mine is an early 90s ken pursuit built by Mal Mcpherson and has the Europa decals on the ST, in the same font as the kenevans stickers elsewhere.

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Looks real to me, very similar to the ken i just picked up.
There was a thread about this bike a while back…,7153.0.html

i think the original restorer said he didnt think it was a ken due to the lack of panto/engravings and a few other differences

he was very open about this when it was originally for sale

some later kens dont have the panto etc.

yeah thats true but you know what ‘i dont know if it is genuine’ really means when people sell things…

who knows really, just note that im not trying to say its shit because its pretty nice.

yeh, its pretty nice. but yr right, as soon as someone expresses doubt, it’s kind of all over.

Here’s the Ken Evans x Europa (sorry for the pic). It also has a double plate fork crown like the one for sale.

I’m not questioning whether the one on eBay is genuine or not. It’s fucking nice though.

Maybe I should ask Ralph. He had it before it got repainted.

either way - it was mint when it left here, and only slightly more than a taiwanese surly. no brainer to me.

better pics…


Looks like this little frame is holding its value even after passing through a few hands :wink:

Just found this after thinking the for sale /ebay thread had dissapeared , did’nt realise I was’nt logged on. This is my frame and pantographed K’s on Kenevans meens Fuck all.
I have another road and track frame that were made to order by Ken Evans for a friend in the early 80’s .The roadie is pantographed but the track is’nt.
The green frame had original decal’s on it that were copied and are now the ones Cyclomondo sells now. The point being Ken Evans would not send out decals for frame unless you could prove who you were and actually owned a genuine Ken.
This happen to my mate years ago when he repainted his 2 frames.
Further to this all the charateristics of Ken Evans work is evident in this frame.
I am selling this particular frame because of my situation at the moment and because it’s from down south holds the least sentimental value of all my rides.
And i must say that at the end of the day It was bought from a reputable dealer that would’nt sell an apple if it was really a lemon.
As for keeping there value, frame and fork in the early 80’s was over $500.

Pic’s show track frame unpantographed built in 1980 and pantographed road in 84

Hey Manbau,

Cool your jets, :wink:
we all love Ken’s work here, Some of us are lucky to own or have owned a few, I don’t think anyone seriously was disputing your claims,

good luck with the sale. i hope you get what you want.

BTW, MJ did do a fine job of restoring that bike and i liked it so much i put in a offer about the same time as TC.

Very nice little bike indeed.

Yes, OK.

It came to me in hacked condition with a green white fade paint job and period Kenevans decals. As Manbau stated, the decal set on the frame is a repro produced by Cyclomondo that is a replica of the original set.

As has been said, it has the right geo and frame features to be a Ken, all except the Pantos.

It’s about time it was actually ridden though… it looked great on my shelf for 18 months! And now Manbau’s too… :wink:

BTW, thanks Snail.