keroMX fixed

Hi there this thread is all about the first fixie that I built, hope you enjoy the read. This was really a great learning experience for me.

I am a MTB’er first and use my road bike for training and commuting however I have been itching to get a fixie built, hopefully once I get used to it I can start using it to commute.

Here are the latest pics:

Latest pics: 21/05/09

Latest Specs:

Frame/fork: Fuji track frame - medium - custom paintjob in harlequin (purple/blue/green)
Headset: Bontrager
Rims: Velocity B43 black
Hubs: Velocity track
Crankset: Roselli track 44t
Pedals: MKS GX-9 black
Clips: Black Nylon Large
Tyres: Vittoria Randonner 700/28
Seatpost: Thomson Elite 27.2mm
Seat: San Marco Rolls
Cog: Roselli 17t
Stem: Thomson X4 31.8mm 100mm 10 degree
Bars: Easton EA30
Grips: Oury Black

This is a long story as this bike has evolved quite a bit since it’s conception, but I hope you enjoy the story anyway… It starts here…:

The story begins here:

The full story can be read at Bikes move us >>


Well i have gone and done it now, i have officially started my fixie project… it appears I have sourced a suitable vintage road frame (I have a choice of a couple) for this task. Unfortunately it is not in my hands yet or do I have a photo to share, but it will look something like this (image courtesy of MS paint)…

The first thing I wanted to get right was the wheels and thanks to some suggestions on another thread (here), I have settled on a set of deep V Velocity track wheels.

I spoke to my LBS and they have secured a set of white rims, I wouldn’t normally buy the rims before the frame but they are new, slightly marked but greatly reduced in price… they will be white with black spokes and black velocity hubs… and will look something like this…

And for all you fixie entusisasts, yes they are machined because this is my first fixie and I do want to be around to see my kids grow up… I will run a front brake.

I will probably go straight bars, with a bmx style brake lever.

I have a few ideas on a colour scheme for the frame, but I might just build it up and repaint it in a couple of months time… that way i can paint over all the scratches from my crashing.

Anyway here we go.

this is what I am thinking about this afternoon regarding colour scheme, i am sure it will change over the weekend. the wheels are locked in white…

BTW - the red will be aussie post red


OK, went to my sisters place for dinner and there was a council clean-up going on in her area and I picked up this repco superlite. Frame is in good nick and is on the table as a candidate for this project, also I might also be able to salvage the front brake and a few other bits…

The size of the bike is a bitter smaller and lighter than the oxford frame I have but might suit me better, anybody got any opinions on the superlite?

The frame is lugged which is a great option for fixies, both look and steel strength.

I would need to grind out the driver side dropout, but other than that there is sufficient movement for tightening chain.

This is how she looks stripped.


I visited a fixie freak that I know and together we have chosen to use the Repco superlight… so I spent the last few nights stripping it, grinding off all the tabs etc and getting it ready for painting. I have decided on a candy red pearl which looks hot especially in natural light… if you want a reference colour, if anyone has seen the movie “cars” when lightning mcqueen gets the custom cruisin paintjob and he comes out in a metallic red job??? anyone??? anyway you should get some idea from these pics hanging in the paint booth. The painter took it outside for me and she comes to life in the light… looks pretty ordinary under the fluro lights of the paint booth although you can just see the pearl coming through in the fork picture.

Also received some bars today, still not sure whether I will go with these or not, it was an ebay impulse buy after a few too many sarsparellas…


Well the contol room of my fixie project took a turn this afternoon. I visited my LBS this afternoon and Andy from 99 bikes at Underwood and I were talking about the fixie and how I wasn’t too happy with the sarsparilla unduced rhino bar purchase and he told me that was a converted available to convert my step from quill type to A type… woohoo that was all I needed to hear to I could stick to my original flat bar plan…

Anyway turns out that he has just removed a stem, flat bar and seat from his new Scott Scale and he offered the three to me for $30 cash… couldn’t knock that back now could I? So here they are:

These are Scott Branded and good quality, so I am stoked!!

With those changes made, I also purchased additional goods:

  • Oury lockon black grips
  • Brake lever
  • Odyssey brake cable
  • Stem quill converter

Funny story about the frame today, I went down and to our production paint dept today as they are painting the frame for nics, and it turns out that the production manager has rejected the final paint quality from the painters as he didn’t like the finish where the brake cable guides were grinded off… he told them to fix it and do the job again. Ha Ha… will get it on Monday

Got a call from my mate who owns Sonic Cycles in Slacks Creek and my track wheels have arrived, he says they look very hot!, I will pop in tomorrow and have a look. I will pay for them and pick them up on Tuesday as he is waiting for the fixed rear cog to come in from back order


The frame is painted and she looks hot… I can’t wait to start putting it together. I am really happy with my “lightning mcqueen” :slight_smile: pearl candy apples red colour choice.

After grinding off the lugs and painting over, it looks so clean.

Looks like I need to clean the bottom bracket threads out a little before I try installing as there is paint in the threads.

I had to really ask myself about whether i was doing the right thing doing up a bike that I found on the side of the road, after much though and after seeing the frame the way it looks today the answer is a resounding yes…

You see, the kero of about 2 years ago would have walked into a shop and bought a brand new fixie off the shelf and walked out none the wiser. Probably also spent less money too… however, when it broke down or needed a service then I would be off to the LBS for the basis of service.

What I have learnt by building my own bikes (MTB, bmx, DJ) is how they are put together, how to tweak them and how to repair them. Perhaps in the long run I save money cos I don’t need to pay LBS maintenance as much???

To me, finding a semi reasonable bike on the side of the road that turns out like this is also a great story to tell your friends and something to be really proud of. And even if the frame fails, what is the harm??? All the parts can be transferred to another frame easily enough… I am fortunate that paint jobs like this I can get for free so no real loss putting effort into it.

Anyway until next update, thanks for reading. andrew kero


Well I picked up my wheels today - wooah these baby are dead sexy, got some nice bontrager triple something or rather tyres (I will give you the proper spec later)…

so here’s the thing, I am taking my mrs out on a romantic dinner tonight so I have done the right thing and only spent 5 mins putting the bike together to show what it is looking like.

the rear dropouts will need to filed out a bit cos the paint is preventing the wheel from going in… and for the obvservant, no i haven’t fitted the headset yet cos it needs a cleanout.

I will get around to doing this over the weekend…

here it is so far…

gotta go and spruce myself up, until later…


Spent a few hours putting a few things together yesterday and it is starting to come along.

Installed the headset, stem and bars. i will cut the bars down once I get it rolling and can find a comfortable width. I am not going to do the courier trendy thing and make them ultra short…

also fitted an 18t freewheel, waiting for the 18t fixed cog to come in. I have ordered a 48t front track crankset.

I know I still have the crankset to install, but this baby feels nice and light, with all parts scheduled to arrive this week should be up and running by the end of the week (hopefully)…

Here is another closeup of the paintjob…

Awesome colour choice.

Nice to see it from beginning (to almost) end.

Look forward to seeing it complete.

Hey there…snap… i got one to but from ozi junk(fancy tip) did you have to file out the drop outs? cause those badboys are shallow. What did you use to do it…and hand or power tool? looks good though. i only rattle canned mine matt black.

lukethrider: thanks

yes i had to file out the dropouts (you can see the before shots in the original post)

I used a very steady hand and an angle grinder to do the major cut, then used a half moon hand file to finish off.

Also used the same process to remove the derailer hanger and other unwanted lugs…

Jolan: thanks I am really happy with the colour choice too

hey a question ;how the fuck do you insert photo.cant make the fuker work .

You will need to push the images to an internet site that hosts photos, there are plenty around like or, then copy the URL (link) of the image and when you are posting a reply, click the insert image button, then paste the URL to image in between the IMG tags… like the sample below

some pedals arrived today, was gonna use spd pedals as I am used to clipping in and out from mtb ones, however impulse buy from ebay cos they came in black and I wanted to give these a go so I can wear normalish shoes…

MKS GR-9 with straps (black), just need to find some mounting screws as they didn’t come with them…

nice colour. my first fixed was a repco superlite. still going strong as a single speed for my (future) brother-in-law. didnt have to file the drops tho…

well done on the paint job, very clean and nice

thanks guys, glad someone likes it :smiley:

I am getting so close, I can smell it… my mate mark came over last night to work on his new peugeot frame that he picked up and all i could do is stare at my fixie project sitting in the corner waiting for flipping ebay sellers to get off their fat ebay crackers and send me parts!

What is it with some ebay sellers??? Last thursday I ordered a set of pedals from a US ebayer and a track cog from an aussie ebayer… two days ago I received the pedals from the US (4 days) and on the same day (4 days after ordering) I received a “thank-you” from the aussie seller saying that my package was going out the next day… what bs…

anyway enough ranting…

crankset and new bb arrived today which is a truvativ touro with 48t from sprocket, when i find the right “black” chainring I will probably update it, but for now this will get me going.

All I am waiting for now is my track cog… my wife has some girls coming around tomorrow night for night-in, so once i get the kids to bed i will be off to the shed to put the cranks on… as soon as the track cog arrives i will be rolling baby…

Word! fucking awesome first build mate.

Paint looks fantastic.

From here on in, whenever anyone gives me the old ‘so i wanna build up a fixteeee maaaan’ I’m referring them to this thread so they hopefully build up something nice.

Looking forward to seeing it all built up!

thanks sime

After I got home from work I had some time to put some of the last remaining pieces together.

On the way home picked up some life saver parts, brake lever, cable and Tektro Black brake (only need one so I have one spare!!)

Got some screws for the pedals.

New bottom bracket on:

Cranks on, the BB and cranks were so easy to install and once connected the chain line was perfect:

Pedals on:

So it is now 99.82% completed (the other .18 is the missing 18t track cog) which hopefully comes tomorrow. I cannot wait, anyway these pics show it running with a 18t freewheel.

So here are some completed pics for now:

So after taking it for a ride i fitted the brake, took it for a ride, how did it go??? stay tuned… I will give you a ride review in the next few days.

Looks awesome.

Good to see a conversion come together nicely and cleanly. Nice work.

Now you can sell it on ebay as fixie NJS pista messenger WOW LQQK Track :stuck_out_tongue:

haha :smiley: wont be selling this (famous last words)

Now all I am waiting on is my track cog, all the costs are in…

I’m sitting here thinking about the money I have spent on this project. As always I like to share with people the costs associated with upgrade. Not to boast but to give fair dinkum people who want to give this a go an idea of the costs associated with. In fact sometimes it is embarrasing to show costs (like the recent 24" Hotfoot) that I did because to some people they feel its not worth it… anyway who gives a rats??? not me… anyway here we go.

Frame: Repco superlite - $0 (found on side of the road)
Prep&Paint: $0
Wheels: Velocity deep v’s - $300
2 x Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase Tyres & Tubes - $100
1 x Tektro front brake - $30
1 x 18t freewheel - $16
1 x 18t track cog - $12
Truvativ Touro crankset & new BB - $129
New headset bearings - $8
Seat/stem/bars - $30 (bought 2nd hand of a mate)
Seatpost - $0 (robbed from an old bmx I had lying around the house)
Quill to A-stem converter - $21
Pedals: MKS GR-9 - $100
Brake lever - $20
Oury lockon grips - $40
Hope barends - $0 (lying around from previous rebuild)

Total: $806

Not too bad actually considering I bought a lot of new bits, I could have made this bike next to nothing if I:

  • Used existing quill stem and bars - $51 saving
  • Used spare SPD pedals instead of GR-9 - $100 saving
  • Used existing cranks (which were usable, just not special - $129 saving
  • Used existing front wheel - $100 saving
  • Used some other grips I had lying around - $40 saving
  • Didn’t buy the freewheel - $16 saving
  • Bought cheaper tyres - $40 saving

Total possible price to build could have been $330 and alot of elbow grease. So was it worth it I ask myself again??? yes please!

I love this bike, can’t wait for the fixed cog to arrive and then let her rip.

  • fucking 1

looks great complete Keromx, I cant help but think it’d look even nicer with some drop bars and white tape :wink:

so stoked someone new has done their own research and then documented it really well, and itemised everything for others to refer to. Props!

Thanks again. I guess I have learnt from all the other builds that I have done (mainly mtb and bmx) that documenting does help others.

Regarding drop bars… Hmmm I am sure this will evolve over time I guess. I am really looking forward to getting into a regular ride with this. You see I hit the mountains on my mtb 3 times a week (weather permitting) and try to ride to work at least once a week (goal for 2009) on my roadie. With a bit of practice and confidence I hope to start using this for my commute. I also intend to do a few late night city runs. My mate chad was hooking up with a few guys on a regular basis for a run through brissy.

So this bike might evolve to suit my riding requirement.

Btw my track cog arrived this afternoon so it’s going on tonight. Woohoo. Update yous later.

Track cog arrived this afternoon as if it was all planned for a weekend fixathon - a roselli 18t in black.

So esther had some girls around tonight so as soon as I put the kids to bed I was down the shed and put this sucker on. This was pretty simple, it is a threaded cog which you tighten up with a chain whip, then you fit a lock ring on the outside to lock it in place (reverse thread to the cog and slightly smaller thread)…

anyway it was time to ride…

WOW! what an amazing feeling, took it for a quick 10min zip around the streets and absolutely loved it, man its’ hard to stop!!!

The 48-18 gearing is just really nice, feels so powerful on takeover and cruising is so comfortable… oops don’t lean over to much around corners!!!.

I tried it with the MKS GR-9’s but found them a little awkward, i guess that would take some getting used to…

The bike feels really good and I know i am going to enjoy this. The bike is light and the immediate feeling of power to pedal is just so instant (derrr fred!)

Called a mate that i normally mtb with… the trails are really muddy after a downpour this afternoon so we are going for a road ride tomorrow and I am going to ride this bike…

I thought I would try the spare SPD pedals that I had lying around, put my MTB shoes on and went for a ride… awesome… absolutely loved it, much more confidence on these babies so i think I will ride on those tomorrow morning…

Rode around to a mates place tonight about 6k’s return trip and boy was it tough!!! It also included a fairly decent hill which was quite freaky… haha didn’t know my legs could spin that fast… haha

anyway will give you an update tomorrow after a decent ride.
thanks for reading,

from a very happy kero!!!

PS. guys in brissy, might tag along one thursday night soon!

went for me first real ride this morning. My mate was on his road bike and I was on my fixed gear. Total distance 23km, time 59min so average speed was 23km/hr. The first 10 km was fairly flat on purpose but really didn’t take long to get confidence up. The way home was more challenging as I purposely chose a route with more hills. Oh my gosh! Talk about an effort!

Boy I loved every minute of it hard to believe now that I think about the fact that I spun for 1 hour without stopping. I am feeling good about doing a commute to work which is 25 km (more hills though) :slight_smile:

Anyway hope I’m not boring you with my story. You can tell me to pee off if you want!