Is it ok to use kero to degrease headsets/bb? I’ve only used it for chain so far…


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Dude, What on earth does that even mean?

Back to the OP: Kerosene is fine for loose ball headsets and bottom brackets. If they’re sealed, don’t touch them with anything. Kerosene is pretty benign, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

citrus solvent > kero
the problem is finding it in big enough containers…

Kerosene is just about the greatest shizz in the world… but yes use it to degrease anything that isn’t plastic.

I have no idea. Sorry for whatever it was originally.

I got a big bottle from BSC…about $25 I think. It was great until Mrs Pinz found it useful for domestic purposes, then it disappeared rapidly.

Bunnings has it for about $28 for 2L or so, but i didnt feel like riding to coburg on saturday to buy more.

As others have said, no problems using kero to degrease, but keep it away from plastic.