Kerry Hopkins

Thanks to a speedy eBay seller and a globetrotting rogaine I now have a NOS axle set and some pedals so I could finish off the overhaul.

c1990 Kerry Hopkins track frame, Reynolds 653 tubing
c1982 Record hubs, bladed spokes, Fiamme red label rims
Superbe Pro 165mm cranks
Quattro SL pedals
Cinelli bars, 3T stem
Nothing else of note

Hopkins Mouth

Hey Blakey what are those Crank Bros. Quattro’s like to use?

Couldn’t tell you yet, only just screwed them on.

When you’ve had a couple ‘o’ go’s can you give me report?

Nice stuff Blakey
I sthis the one you mentioned in the other thread from Ridgway’s??

Certainly is, plus pedals and a new axle/cones, less cash, less dirt.

Noice mate.

I like.

And Red goes fast.

Where did you find the Dust caps for the Cranks? I been looking for a set of those for a while now?

I like Red bikes

They came with the cranks :wink:

this is one of my all time favourites. the whole shebang is hot. i thought some people here may not have seen it :slight_smile:

Super classic looking.


heres a stupid question — how do you get the dust caps off?

Allen key.

Unless they’re seized and the socket rounds out, then you drill holes in them and use a pin spanner.

whats the final tally costwise to get that puppy on the road?