kevlar vs. wire bead

Sorry if it’s been discussed before, couldn’t find anything.

Is it worth paying more for the kevlar version of the same tyre when it’s available with a wire bead?

Other than the option of having a spare tyre in my bag (which I don’t need), are there any advantages that are worth the extra $10-15 other than maybe 50g?

Kevlar beads fold, wire ones don’t. Wire beads weigh a bit more and usually cost a bit less. Kevlar bead tyres are easier/cheaper to post.

That’s about it.

I just bought some cheap non-folding tyres from wiggle - came in this massive wheel sized box all the way from UK. fortunatley postage was free as over $200 order. :smiley:

Hah yeah, I was doing a Wiggle order…need a few things and some stuff for other people so free postage also.

I ended up getting the wire bead Gatorskins since the kevlar version in the size I wanted were out of stock. I’ve been using the kevlar Gatorskins and have had zero punctions thus far so hopefully that continues when I put the new tyres on another bike.

To answer my own question… wire bead are a fucking bitch to get on… Or at least these Contis.

I’ve wasted about two hours of my life just trying to get the last part of the bead over the rim with levers. I also pinched the tube during one of my earlier attempts. I’ve probably done it again but won’t know until I finally get the thing on… If I ever get it on.

I’ve never had any problems with getting tires back on before. Any suggestions about maybe how I can get them on so I can ride?

Do a search. THis is in the top ten questions most commonly asked on

Right next to Where can i get $50 cranks?
Will you sell me your potato?
Has anyone got a vintage Italian track frame for $100?

NOt having a go but should there be sticky’s for these things?

I asked that last week BENDER and got laughed at, even sent a PM to mods and no response.

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Why? Do you have some?

I found the opposite. My last 3 sets of tires were wire bead and I could almost put them on by hand. But just last week I bought some kevlar beaded Durano Plus (The best tires I’ve ridden on in a long time. Highly recomended) and they took me so long to put on :x
When i bouhgt my tire lever set, it came with 3 levers. Ive never normally used 3 levers to put on tires, but im finding that when you get the tough beads, it actually makes it heaps easier. Maybe give that a shot?

I didn’t get any message from you.

But…the solution is, whoever thinks there should be a sticky about something should write the post, then ask a mod to make the post a sticky.

But I realise that most people can’t be fucked making an effort themselves.

Some tyre/rim combos don’t play nicely together. This has also been discussed a number of times on the forum.

Some tyres’ beads will ‘relax’ a bit after they’ve been on and off a couple of times.

Get a set of Soma Steel-core tyre levers (plastic around a steel core). They crap all over the plastics.

Then there’s this handy gizmo - the “Easy Hand” for extra stubborn tyres

had it for years, can’t remember where I got it. Good little unit but this one it only fits up to about 25C

Certain brands of tyres are harder to mount on certain brands of rims, because of slight differences in diameters and manufacturing tolerances. Do a search on a road cycling forum and you’ll find plenty of discussion regarding this.