KHS Aero Track - Commuter SS mode

Hey everyone,

Latest addition to the stable for daily commuting. Its a KHS Aero Track repainted by Le Tour cycles bike store.

Just chucked on some parts i had lying around and bought a white industries freewheel. Great bike so far, its even survived a nasty car door accident! TANK!

Enjoy the pics.

I especially like how the bend in the thomson makes the seat tube/post line look extra wobble-snake.

Your bar setup looks legit-fast. I want one.

holy shit so true!

nice set up jon! no fenders?

Watched on eBay a while ago. Wondered what the frame actually was, do like it in ss/commuter mode.

Yep. It’s tricking my eyes.

Looks like a fun bike! I’d have slapped risers on it for commuting though! Each to their own!

Pity about the unicrown fork.

Yep good choice with that thomson. Looks so goood

i have front and back sks fenders when it rains :slight_smile:

Thanks, i bought it only because it was drilled for brakes front/back.

Thanks for the kind words, so far a fun and quick bike to ride in this unpredictable melb weather :slight_smile: