Kids Cinelli stem+Handebar-rideable?

One peice which is pretty cool.
33.5cm width though…
Cinelli Steel Road Bars Small Size For Childs Bike 50’s - eBay Vintage, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 01-Jun-10 19:01:06 AEST)

Thought I’d also post this bike in admiration to the cranks :stuck_out_tongue:
VINTAGE Armstrong Pre 1931 Road bike/ Single Speed - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 01-Jun-10 18:00:23 AEST)

And, if you can be stuffed looking at another link
this suspension looks wack!

dude, you kinda suck at posting…

Try ten deep breaths before each post to clear your head and actually think about what you are about to post.


this is why your NJS and he’s an industrie rider

I agree with that 100%, but in this case, the Cinelli kids bar/stem is a great find and quite interesting.