Kierin and Points racing - THIS SATURDAY NIGHT - Chandler

Kierin and Points racing event this saturday night

Chandler Velo @ Sleemans sporting complex, old cleveland rd

juniors in the arvo and seniors from 6.00, warm up from 5.30

#doyouevenwatch #watchfordayne

you can get away with a few sneaky tinnies as long as you’re not a kent about it

theres a facebook event, cant link it at work, i’ll update later tonight

Might be out with the kiddies in tow, we’ll just have to see how the day pans out. Bring strawberries for instant cred with small child.

way to let the cat out of the bag, how am i going to make friends now? this sounds a lot worse than it is

disappointing turnout, from both the riders and the spectators.

Billy has another Kierin night booked in next month, but its getting harder for him to run them with small turnouts, minimum costs have got to be covered etc, would be great to see some more people out there next time, and i reckon a gold coin donation never goes astray.

I’m disappointed in the turnout every time it put my leg over a bike,
Harden up princess.
I’ve gone pro road and missed track for the best pasta dish I’ve ever had in Brisbane
If my bloody knee gets sorted ill come out for the next one

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