Kierin trainer?

Tange Track frame and fork fixie fixed gear bike road | eBay

Drilled with cage mounts?

Miss … tell us another story !!!

It’s a nice looking frame still though.

shows an invalid link

It’s been deleted.

a sign for secret handshake mumbo-jumbo :wink:

A sign that you can sell it here or on eBay, but not both :slight_smile:

No secret hand shake mumbo-jumbo… open to offers tho :wink:

if i remember correctly, there was a dude from perth who had a track frame drilled with brake holes and bidon mounts, i think it could be the link that JLN posted.

I bought this frame off a guy in Brisbane, i have a Ken Evans frame that im building up so i have decided to sell this one. The frame is drilled Front and rear brakes as well as bidon/cage mounts on the down tube.

5hrs to go…