Kinglake ride

Riding out to Kinglake for the first time tomorrow and not sure of the best route. All I know is I’d like to avoid taking plenty road. Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

Get to Eltham and then go via Kangaroo Ground or Hurstbridge. Here’s an example of each way :


Thanks, Angry. Heading out via eltham looks the goods. Promises to be a nice ride.

be warned, though, that the way through st andrews is considerably hillier.

i actually use plenty road quite a bit. bike lane most of the way out to whittlesea, ain’t so bad.

i hope your not taking the road up to king lake.

i’m sorry no offence, but as cyclist, motor cyclist, and driver. there is no way i’d ride the kinglake road on a push bike.

even on the motorbike i find it a pretty hairy ride. nealy been run off the road a couple of times by 4x4 and commonwhores.

the road has ZERO run off from hurstbridge to king lake. and to have cars trying to over take you on those the 30km of blind corners.

i know that it might seem a little rude for a noob to be posting this. but i hate to see bad blood generated between us and other road users. or worse… a dead cyclist

i’ve done it a bunch of times. in fact, a hell of a lot of times. and a lot of other cyclists use it too. busier than beach road some days. only i problem i ever had was due to gravel on the road. folks are usually pretty understanding up there.

i find it interesting that your solution to “generating bad blood” seems to be for cyclists to change their behaviour, when they’re not acting illegally or dangerously.

So how’d it go anyway Recorded Syntax? Good ride?

Kinglake is fine I can think of many far more dangerous roads… The only problems are the Bogans at Diamond Creek

I was up there yesterday morning it was a bit hairy coming down in the rain.

How did your ride go mate? Did you do it fixed?

i had the feeling it sounded bad when i typed it :stuck_out_tongue:
think i just have the hebby geebies about that road as i’ve nearly been wiped out on the motorbike there a few times and i know how hard it is to pass on the twisty stretch of road.

no offence meant

Yeah, cracking ride. Doing it again tomorrow, but just heading straight up to kinglake and then back down rather than over to whittlesea. Didn’t ride it fixed. Probably couldn’t ride it fixed :wink:

All good, Jerry Atrick. I didn’t find it to be too precarious.

I prefer to go via Kangaroo Ground to St Andrews and then up to Kinglake. The scenery is nicer and the roads a bit smoother, safer and has a few nice and sharp hills to get you in the mood