Kings of Leon

If anybody has a spare GA ticket for Kings of Leon by some miracle please let me know. God damn Nova told all the 16yo girls about presale and I missed out. I’ve dug em since their first album and put up with commercial radio blowing them out. Fuck, all my mates got hooked up.

Help is GREATLY appreciated.

Don’t even mention Ebay to me.

theres some bargain tickets on ebay… have you check tehre

I saw that. $480 Buy It Now for SEATS!

They will anounce a 2nd show, their next one isn’t for 3 days so there’s space. That doesn’t help me linking up with my mates.


surely that hearts on fire song has ruined them for you?

They’ve blown out hard. It’s just lucky I don’t listen to the radio and hear it 300 times a day.

Oh well, all’s not lost yet.

LAM, thread is for Kings of Leon, not Cut Copy

lern 2 indie rock mannnnnn

damn right, it’s something on fire thought isn’t it?


worst lyrics ever??

no… catchiest lyrics ever


mate, don’t tell me you missed out again…


Just start listening to some real bands and you’ll be fine… :expressionless:

Ha ha, they used to be a real band when I started listening to them in 2003 and nobody knew them.

You’re so underground.
A guy at my old local park got an alien ant farm tattoo and none of us had any idea who they were…then they released that michael jackson cover! Hahah

The first time I heard the lyric ‘your sex is on fire’ I thought… Isn’t there a cream for that?

Ha ha, they used to be a real band when I started listening to them in 2003 and nobody knew them.

not another debate over “i liked them before they were cool” please.
They’re old stuff was sweet as is their new stuff. just get seated, its easy to slip down past the security or just go into the area where theyre handing out wrist bands. theyre all idiots at rod laver. thats what i plan on doing :wink:

haha i am one of those people too…

fucking pop culture… KOL were the shit… but now very 16yo girly shit… (aha shake heartbreak best album)

but it doesn’t matter i still want to see them… i still want to see them so much i have my 16yo girl friends getting me tix mwhaha. 8-)…

keep trying george

I’m not saying that I knew them before they were cool. It’s just once a band starts getting thrashed on commercial radio it opens them up to a whole new demographic, and I bet this album would of been the first one they bought.

I just started this thread in the vain hope that someone MAY have bought a spare GA ticket.

not another debate over “i liked them before they were cool” please.

No debate.

Ok, I’m really desperate now. I’m thinking of sending the below email to both Nove and Frontier Touring. What do you think? :stuck_out_tongue:

To whom it may concern,

I was going to try and keep this to 25 words or less but it’s going to be hard. I am contacting you out of sheer frustration, desperation and mild depression. I recently missed out on a Kings of Leon ticket both in presale and with general release, for both shows. It is because of the unjust circumstances outlined below.

My cousin lost his arm in a mine in Vietnam, for which he needs treatment that he can seek in Australia. But Australian customs wouldn’t let him enter the country because the gangrene hadn’t cleared up on his right leg. As a result of this, he can’t pay for me to have high speed broadband in my house. So I tried really hard on shitty dial-up internet to buy tickets to KOL online last week, but to no avail. I am devastated, and really feel it’s unfair that I have to miss out on seeing my favourite band because of the government’s beauracracy on migration and health standards issues.

Ok, so some of the above may not actually be true but I’ll lay out the real facts. I’ve been a crazy Kings of Leon fan since my best mate caught them at Glastonbury in 2003 when we were living in London. We went straight out and bought their album Youth and Young Manhood and instantly got drawn in by Calebs drawling voice. I now have every one of their albums and nearly 2gig of rarities, b sides and every live gig I can find. I was planning on going to their concert with one of my good work colleagues on Friday 13th in Melbourne, he managed to get a ticket and I missed out both in presale and general release and he’s now stuck on the floor by himself.

I know this is along shot and you probably get loads of requests but I’m contacting you in the slight hope that you may be able to help me out with just one General Admission ticket for the 13th if at all possible. Your help would be greatly appreciated and of course I’d be willing to pay for it.


Matt Bowen

nova are giving the tickets away if you call them and kiss arse

i’m still working on it dude. if i know, or know of the tour or merch manager there’s a good chance.