Kirk Revolution

Hi Guys

Showed you the parts in recent Purchases Thread but here is the complete bike.

Still want to upgrade a couple of things like Brakes, Grips, tyres and front forks but all in all very happy with it.

If anyone has Purple ano MTB Bits let me know…

Fork is original? What’s to upgrade? FFS put a correct crankset on it.

  • Joel

would love to ‘test ride’ it for you.

That peace sign cable brake part is awesome. Strange looking frame, but I like it

woah! An architect mate had one of those in 90’s. He never rode it, but it was full hooter Ringle purple billet EVERYTHING.
Cast magnesium aren’t they?

Hey Cheers guys

They are indeed cast magnesium…

No the front fork is not the original… Slightly different. was thinking of going for a rigid pace fork.

yup on the look out for purple kooka or Cook Bros crank set…

rides really well

Need some track wheels and and cranks if anyone wants to Swap for this Complete.