Hi all,

I’m on the hunt, and seems like everywhere I’ve looked so far is either sold out or at least out of smalls/mediums. Which makes sense, given they’d be the most popular sizes. Do you guys have any recommendations? Top of my list is the black on black Mash kit, or the godandfamous NNR kit, or the Cadence black kit. Something along those lines. I really like the designs from Lone Wolf Cycling too but again, limited in size options. I’m after black/grey without too much in the way of detail; matches my bike, bag, jackets, jeans… etc.

Don’t mind ordering from overseas or waiting. I’m moving back to Perth in 2 weeks and my work commute is significantly longer than it is here, so I need to upgrade from running leggings, haha. Would like arm/leg warmers if available too. If I’m going to spend some coin on a kit, might as well be something I like!




TCB Courier just released last night - Team S/S Jersey / TCB Courier

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Can do you a deal of Gear Brisbane kit if you like.

Check out Tokyo fixed. I got their all black kit with the grey details on the pockets, awesome kit really light with nice grippers and mesh details. Do recommend the matching socks… Quality

I’ve got an older cadence team kit- is awesome BUTfrom what I’ve seen the new kits are all really loose cut and the quality seems a little hmmmmm, just an observation but.

Jaggad has a sale starting today. Black jersey in your sizes for $40, arm warmers for $13, black bibs (not on sale) for $190. Free delivery in Australia.
I haven’t tried the arm warmers so can’t vouch for the quality. I’ve got Defeet wool arm and knee warmers and they are tops.

I’m with Bigadz on Jaggad. Got two sets from them, aesthetically simple and super value. I rate the bibs in particular.

i’m sorry, i didn’t know you were down with the Lord.

dude, have you been only looking for kit on Prolly?

pls use the search function.