Klein MTB

no idea about MTBs, but fuck i want this

Klein Mountain Bike | eBay

A great old school MTB, that has had a fred makeover.
Obviously not the persons size. Lose the arse cannons, the oversized scortum and barends and fit a more suitable stem and it would look much better.

a terrible old school MTB with a terrible fredding out.

any idea what height person this would suit?

Not a fan of URT?

Just read a couple of archive reviews on the Mantra.
Seems my fond memories of this bike were misplaced.
They did climb well seated but weren’t great descenders and had a tendency to pogo. Other Unified Rear Triangle designs of the era were better. Trek Y series comes to mind.
Multi link and even single pivot rear suspension designs won through in the end.
One cool advantage of URT rear suspension is they can be run as a singlespeed if you can get the chain length right.

pretty much what i had in my head, would make a fun commuter…maybe with a rigid fork?

Post-Trek buyout Mantra, dreadful things to ride, feel like they have a hinge in the middle, mostly because they have a hinge in the middle. Spooky to ride on rough terrain seated. Really spooky to descend fast on. Klein did some great things but picking up John Castellano’s ‘sweet spot’ URT was not one of them.