KMart Sweet SS - $99

Putting it out there: I want to see either an alleycat raced only on these (or Melb Share Bikes, which get some sort of headstart coz heavy), or a pack of these at DDCX in open category.

No mods beyond adjusting supplied components for fit/safety/free running.

i saw this the other day at kmart.


pressed steel brake callipers.

Blakey I think you have just worked out a whole new category at DDCX

Melburn-Roobaix anybody?

Prolly purple approved.

One o my neighbours bought one a while back. Shocking!

Then again, I don’t think they’re any worse, or better, than a REID.

Lets seriously do roubaix on these then donate them to some charity.

I stumbled upon one of the tires off of these for skidding, it lasted halfway though my first ride.

Yeah makes the industrie/reid look like a rip off!

I 2nd that

I don’t even think you could do a roobaix on one of these. The whole bike would probably implode / shake to death.

what were you shopping for?


i bought socks, a hoodie, and cheap shoes.

Dromedary helped me.

You say this like Kmart isn’t the best place to do clothes shopping in the world.

Not at all. Their hi viz, work socks are great!

this person is trying to resell one for 2x the price

Awesome Black Brand NEW Mens Fixie Racer Road Bike Melbourne Pickup | eBay

Come on, everyone knows they double in value when you take them out of the shop!

Has anyone else’s noticed the Kmart fixie in the medibank ad?