KMC Z Narrow Chain Pin (Shimano 9-speed compatible?)

Does anyone know if I can use a Shimano 9-speed pin w/ a KMC Z Narrow chain? I’ve googled but nothing doing, not sure if these pins will work. I don’t want to cut my chain until i figure out if my pins will work or if I need to order more.

I wouldn’t ride it without knowing with certainty and the only way to find that out is to ask KMC or Shimano and I expect they’ll both say that only their pins should be used. Breaking a chain never ends well, it’s not worth the risk. Just get these… makes chain cleaning piss easy too. Wiggle | KMC 9 Speed Chain Links Chains

What’s annoying, is that I can’t find this chain on the KMC website, it’s just marked KMC on one side, Narrow on the other, and has a Z in the middle. KMC’s site says that their powerlink works with Shimano and SRAM, so I assume the SRAM powerlink (which I already have) would work if the width is the same as 9-speed. Riding fixed I’d rather have a rivet in there, rather than a power link.

Connecting pins are different to connector links…

I use a KMC 10 spd link on a 10 spd shimano chain - no problem. And I use connection links on fixed too - no problem. I wouldn’t use a shimano pin on a KMC chain though.

If it’s for an SS, KMC 1/8 Z chains and Kool Chains are like $10 on eBay anyway… and come with a connection link.

EDIT: Looks like KMC make shimano chains. Still I’m not a fan of connecting pins when connecting links can be used instead.

OK… I found the spec on the OEM chain… Interestingly enough, they used an 8-speed chain on a fixie.

KMC Z72 1/2" x3/32" Dark Silver/Brown 7 & 8 speed Road, Cyclocross, City bikesHG Systems Mushroomed Pin Riveted StretchProof

With that being said, I think I’ll replace this chain w/ a Dura-Ace/XTR chain I took of an MTB that didn’t have much use. So much for thinking I needed a singlespeed/track/BMC chain. Or is this flawed logic? Is it a disaster waiting to happen running a ramped chain on a fixie?

All right… Going to get the Z610 from the Wiggles… Wiggle | KMC Z610 HX Silver Chain Chains

The 510 is 1/8", the 610 is 3/32"…

just get a chain from kmart…

those ‘cyclops’ branded chains 1/8th are just repacked KMC Z’s… and they cost like 6 bucks.

The reason I never use shimmy chains is because of their stupid pins. You can with the correct tool break and re make kmc chains. By correct tool I mean one that is designed for 9/10 chains. Breakers for 1/8 or 3/32 chains have a habit of allaying the lower plate. You could also use SRAM connectors- they are once only. Love kmc chains, especially when they are on sale cheap.