kms to expect from a Campy road groupo?

I’m pretty new to gears, and Italian parts, and am considering a 2nd hand Campy road groupo. How many kms is considered low, medium or high for say Veloce or Centaur?

I know that maintenance is a variable, so lets assume reasonable care has been taken.

She love you looooong time

I’ve had 2003/4 Chorus on my most-ridden roadie since 2003, it’s all in the maintenance. Lord knows how many k’s it’s done but I’ve been through

Numerous cassettes and chains
2 BBs
3 sets of cables
2 39t chain rings & 1 53
2 or 3 sets of jockey wheels
a couple of decent crashes
1 set of hoods
acupola sets of brake pads
2 or 3 sets of jockey wheels

shifters, FD, RD, & brakes still work like new. It’ll run forever if you look after it.

Bit like anything, mileage doesn’t mean much, look for wear, don’t want worn chainrings, gouges out of the cranks- any sign of cracks on anything, check for loose bearings and sloppy cages in front and rear mechs, rivets not damaged,
Chainrings, jockey wheels, hoods are not overly expensive, sloppy gerar mechs, levers or cracks in cranks are a lot more serious.
You will find a lot of 10 speed NOS stock around, all campag 10 speed will work with campag 10 speed, so you can mix and match components.

then wot Capt Commuter says

Top tips, very helpful, thanks.