knee pain - and doc recomendations

After 15odd years of single speeds and BMX my knee’s are starting to ache. Often holding alot of fluid and generally being shit.

My first step was 6 weeks of any bike and being generally nice to them which helped heaps. Then went to commuting a couple days a week on my shitty slow mtb which now has gears :frowning: Which gave me no grief. Then up to riding my fixie a day or two a week (only short rides sub 10k and 20mins) and back comes the pain… Removed the fixie from the equation they come good again, drop my gearing to 42/17 still no love.

So first up I would love some bike friendly physio recomendations in melbourne.

And am I doomed to forever now ride a bike with gears?

How about going SS with a high 50 GI?

dr dom. Home bona fide legend.

any of the physios here: Home | Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic (i’ve seen a bunch of different ones, they’re all good)

or, if it’s really fucked, dr garnham at alphington. he too is a gun - just ask rolly! he looks after the sun tour when it comes to town, as well as the VIS cyclists.

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This guy is the business.

ok, now i can say this: please use the search function.