Knog Computers - Thoughts?

Hey dudes/dudettes,

i’m considering getting a Knog N.E.R.D. computer for my bike, the main reasons being that I can rotate for either stem or handlebar orientation on different bikes, unclip it and not have a bracket left on my bikes either… and they dont look all that bad

I read a couple of reviews saying that the sender on the fork didn’t stay put all that well, and that the press screen ‘mode’ button wasn’t very reliable…

has anyone been riding one and have any thoughts on them?


Nikcee’s had a few hasn’t he?

Ive got one. the 24 function one.

yeah theyre good, basic wireless computer

a little interference sometimes with other frequencies, ie saying my top speed is 280 or something. but no biggie.

no issue with the button. or anything else.

pretty happy

how can you be sure you’re not going that fast?

Because he would of gone back in time when he hit 88mp/h

no! he couldn’t possibly do that!

not without 1.21 gigawatts!

I have a 12 function NERD on one of my bikes and they’re fine. It compares to the wireless, Echowell I have on the other. It’s easy to install and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The KNOG design is prettier. I zip tied the sensor to the fork so it doesn’t get nicked though.

EDIT: Shop around though. I got mine online for 1/2 what you’d pay here. Sorry LBS…

The first one i got didnt start up… but the kind fellows @ knog replaced it without a hassle.

i like it more than the echowell wireless i have on my roadie as the display is larger and the battery in the sensor doesnt decide to lose connection randomly :cry:

they look good (IMHO) and ive had no other problems. you might want to consider one with cadence if you want to use it for training purposes (ask BB or blakey for more details). the rubber casing makes me feel better about dropping it or crashing (:wink:)

i need to find out if i can stop the scrolling speed display as it makes it more annoying to read if your speed isnt settled.

for the money you can get a ‘better feature’ computer online or via your shop but perhaps not a ‘better looking’ one.

oh god… it’s 2007 all over again and I’m weighing up the pro’s and con’s of buying an aerosp0ke.

Do it, they’re rad!

I have a wired Sigma BC1106 that you can have in exchange for an espresso if that suits.

No cadence though, BB has one that logs average cadence, my Cateye Strada Cadence only gives instantaneous readings.

and in terms of increasing fitness, it’s the best possible feature.

thanks guys, It’ll be on my fixed so cadence isn’t really that crucial.

If it were on my roadbike (which is out of commission at the moment) I would be getting a decent computer to log cadence, thanks for the offer Blakey.

I basically just want to map times and distances on some longer rides (and portions thereof) as I’m having much more fun on them of late and want to know exactly what I am doing rather than guessing ‘yeah i guess that was about 100k’s’.

Just wanted to know if anyone has any serious issues with them, thanks… bottom line is, if it fucks up i’ll send it back anyway.

The main drawcard of the N.E.R.D is I can take it on and off without leaving any hardware on my bike, looks kewl and has a name that makes me hope Pharrell Williams rides one on his Brooklyn Machine Works.

If that’s all you want it for, then it’ll be fine. Like most people, I mostly use the: distance, speed and average speed functions. I don’t need anything more than that. No serious issues here. Get yourself one.

Yeah, I reckon I’ll be looking at getting one soon-ish. They’re $99 on the Knog site. Not bad.

hmmm, no stopwatch… but i guess i can figure that out manually with the clock.

pfft. ride more with me. I can usually judge distances to within 5kms by the amount of chafage I have post-ride. - it’s a skill.

better than HR?

They do have ‘ride time’, or are you so fast over distances you need split second timing?

A clock eh?..