knog website, target market, what?

i was most suprised (pleasantly i guess) to find the front page features photos of two girls in cycling jerseys staring into each others eyes and kissing.

wow … is all I can say.

I want some lights.

I saw the Knog Gator a few months ago after it won the 2007 Australian Design Award. It’s a pretty hot piece of design, however guess how much the top of the line Gator model is (2x3W LEDs)… something like $450.00. Pretty exe…

Hot chicks aside, who wears a leather jacket over a cycling jersey anyway?

I’m more of a Keiren fan!


I like the gloves, I’m gonna find out how much a pair are and decide from there…

Those gloves do look rad, hopefully they’re not as exxy as the Rapha pittards leather jobbies…

I love wholesale prices :slight_smile:


You want some poser Rapha gloves MJ?

Not at Rapha prices!

BTW, I called Knog and their gloves aren’t expected to be out for a while yet… They were shown for the first time, just last week at Eurobike.


tis a shame, I was hoping to pose in a pair for the last night of FNWTR

Knog’s website is like a cross between Crumpler and a softer world.

does anyone know what the song is that is used for the knog site?
i like it and want to get a copy.

I’ve Been Thinkin’ Handsome Boy Modeling School lyrics
Artist: Handsome Boy Modeling School
Album: White People
Year: 2004
Title: I’ve Been Thinkin’

it’s sung by chan marshall aka cat power, which is probably why it was niggling at the back of my head that it sounded really familiar.

All their photos and stuff are new, and so is the song. It used to be a remix of a Air song.

I had no idea Knog made so many products, I thought they just did those little frog lights.

I dig their black gloves, but there’s something a little Freddy Mercury about fingerless black leather.

Yup, they’re going to be a while yet…

Hey Lupine,

I have that Handsome Boy Modelling School track. I think the Knog version is slightly remixed, did you want me to email it to you?

(or did Liam already do that?)