Kobe Japan

I will be going to live in Kobe, Japan next month and i was wondering if anybody knows where ill be able to pick up a good fixed. cheers

There are a few good fixed gear specific bike shops in Osaka (Track Supermarket & Ocean Cycle Factory are a couple off the top of my head), but obviously this means you will have to travel there from Kobe but I don’t think it’s too far. I am not sure if there is anything in Kobe, as I didn’t travel there, but hopefully this helps a little.

have a search and you’ll be able to find loads of info on japan and at least find some place to start.

like here for example


started out as a thread about snowboarding etc but ended up containing tons of helpful info about travelling in japan

Kobe is very close to Osaka, and I believe that 2joes2 off this forum lived in Osaka and even had a bike shop there (I think?). He should be able to give you some tips anyway.

I was living in Japan not too long ago and Kobe is only about 30 minutes or less from Osaka via the JR Line. I’m sure you will be able to find some bike shops there, can you speak and Japanese?