Kokoda Trail

So I’ve decided to do the Kokoda Trail.
Has anyone done it before? Which guides did you use? Companies?

Recommend do’s? Donut’s?


Charlie Lynn is one of my wife’s clients. He’s an ex-Vet and a champion guy (looking past any personal affiliations you might have) and has been running tours for donkeys.

I’m going to do one with him, but need a knee reco first

Don’t drink too much water. That’s all I’ve got.

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oh, wait. i’m thinking of kokomo.

carry on.

Now I’m thinking of this:

Threadjack? What threadjack?

Walking kokoda has just become another jingoistic aussie cliched bucket list type of thing. Used to be everyone wanted to climb ayers rock, or go to galipoli for anzac. Now its kokoda. Spend your money on touring a real 3 world country on a shoestring if you want to experience some hardships.

Thanks for the heads up Avvocato.

I’m not doing it for a challenge, I’d go to everest’s base camp if i wanted to challenge myself. I’m doing it because both me and my father have an interest to do it, and I would like to do it with him before my father falls apart and cannot.

Did exactly that – my Dad and I went in 2008, best father-son experience we’ve ever had. Go do it.

FWIW, my Dad did it easily and I struggled – he went on to do Base Camp for a challenge. Your dad might surprised you!

The joy of putting on your wet pants for the 8th day running … nothing like it! :wink:

EDIT: yes, used Charlie Lynn’s company, completely recommended.

i went to base camp, wasn’t that hard. seriously. the bit before lukla was harder in terms of trail than past lukla where it’s a big tourist walk and a piece of piss if you go slowly, the altitude only fucks you if you go up too fast.
(says the guy who spent too effing long in hospital after going to base camp and having a vb).

i looked into doing kokoda before i left, chose not to because reasons, but charlie lynn’s company looked like the way to go. not cheap, but he appears to not be a complete dickhead tour operator and actually gives money back to the community he profits off. one thing i can say about trekking in general (if i can, i’ve only trekked once, so i dunno if it relates all the time) is carry your own pack. i got a lot of satisfaction out of carrying my 19kg pack with sleeping bag etc etc etc the whole way, even if i got passed by sherpas and yaks carrying the clothes and food and shit of the tour group behind me.

here is a yak carrying kim chi and guksu

and here is the food i carried:

much better.