Koreans at DISC

They were bad ass last night. Anyone know if they are racing there on thurs?

word is…you’ll be seeing a lot more “international” teams training at DISC. Team Malaysia trains under Beasley during the day 4 days a week, if you’re able to make it down there afternoons.

last night’s A grade 25 lap scratch was insane from the get go…

korean women killed it in the B grade.

just a taste of things to come…can’t wait for nov 20th…

world cup is going to rule.


sarah M…was that you in the 'AGE" colour supplement last Friday?

hmmm if it was then this is the first i’ve heard about it. what was it about?

The AGE (melbourne) mag #49, page 65. The article - “wheely stylish: bikes as fashion”.

Sarah McArthur, 29, Designer…“I bought the frame in Portland, Oregon when I was on holidays and built it up myself. It’s ended up being quite a talking point. It’s really fun to ride around because you end up talking to so many people. I have quite a few bikes. I don’t get super-snobby, you know, there’s a bit of a thing - you’re a roadie or a mountain biker, you’re a this or a that”

pic holding red/chrome bike with Yellow deep-Vs, yellow turbo, flat bars with yellow grips.

the ubiquitous Mr White also features.

nope. not me. my frame did come from the states and it is red with a chrome fork (both bikes now actually :-)) but never been to portland and i’m no designer hehe

Ah. Hers had a red fork with chrome stays. A subtle but important difference :wink: .

awesome! I saw the ukrain team training this evening on the creapy voices bridge riding their dolan track bikes on the street. They were practicing starts up hill

Several teams spotted on Beach Rd on the way home from DISC on sunday - mostly cruising but a couple of squads were giving it some into the wind.

Matching jerseys notwithstanding it’s not hard to spot the difference between them and the usual denizens of that strip.

hahah yeah the lack of full silence-lotto team kit is a dead giveaway.

their form is different, they look like they’re riding fixies but they’re not.

(and no TFM green to be seen either… :-D)

I was riding home along beach road on sunday and drafted the ukrain team (men and women) for a fair way (it was awesome they were just cruising and I was spining like mad on 65" they probably thought i was nuts :-D)