Kristall For Aero Lovers

1981 Kristall Aero

I don’t know why people put reserves.

I don’t know why chicks have to wear clothes in public but I can’t force my views upon others.

^ I didn’t think I did…

It’s not your item/auction. The seller can do as s/he wishes. Mightn’t make sense or be a prudent option but at least it’s better than canceling the auction, not going through with the sale or using mates to shill bid the price up.

He has a reserve price - good for him. If it sells then he’s got the price he wanted, if it hasn’t then it cost him a couple of $'s.

^ Indeed. However, I didn’t force my view upon anyone else.

I didn’t say you did.

Geez, P!N20, bit touchy aren’t we?
Let me explain: when Spizz said “I can’t force my views upon others” I’m pretty sure he was referring to the person who is auctioning the bike, and

ah fuck it.

^ Huh? Alright, let’s try this again…

1981 Kristall Aero

Hot damn I love that aero shit!

benotto cello tape = sexy

i love this bike, serious bike love. i love my girlfriend as well but this bike is sweet.

I got dat aero shit on a frame in the garage, cept its a koga, and only on the downtube, with the aero-lever mount too. And white pc. Rides like sex though.
Not rough, but sweet, even though it’s a little bit big, I like big things, you know? Big boobs, big downtubes