Kristen's Kelly

This is now finally finished… Its better looking than mine, of course, and I think it might be the bike that takes number one spot from her $50 giant.

Kelly frame and fork, similar to knobbyX
DuraAce headset
something stem
something seatpost
ladies B17
ControlTech SUP bar
Paul thumbies with 7700 barcons
XT mechs
White industries BB, stainless
king hubs, revolution spokes, rr1.1 rims
schwalbe kojacs 35mm
stronglight (sugino) triple crank 28,38,50
XO cassette 11-34
XT levers, Tektro miniVs
JetBlack foam grips

25/07/2010 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Another nice build JP. I think I probably know the answer, but why the thumby-barcon option rather than triggers?

In terms of function, the trimability of the front derailleur and the lack of springs and tabs that can gum up over time inside trigger shifters. And twisters just dont feel great to me on a long ride with a rigid fork. But also, I just love 'em… they have that nice “clunk” feel, kind of like older campy road shifters. And like a lot of other things, I use them as bait to draw out comments from people who love similar bikes to me :slight_smile:
Thanks for the comment Mr stk101

Nice build JP! I haven’t seen her riding to work lately… Should I be looking out for this bike now?

Kelly is a hottie!

Adali! yeah, she’s been going on the bike path recently. got a baby inside so has lost a little of her hellwoman attitude and is more comfortable giving hindmarsh a wide berth.

Oh whaaaaaaat!!! CONGRATS DAD!!! Yew!

looks ok :slight_smile:

Looks lovely, now needs a little kids trailer to tow behind.