Kumo Cycles #1

Yes it is finally done, campy tool kit turned up today so reamed the HT and threaded the BB

60cm custom geometry frame, Columbus CRMO tubing, made by yours truly

Weight all built up with concretespokes is 9kg

Shitty photos eh


Its daggy, Its matt black, It haz dubblespokes. I love it

awesome!!! love the wishbone stay!!! so awesome!!! wish i could build!!!

if i get a good tax return i might get a spud… lol

Ballin! Apologies for leaking it a day early.

So. So. Awesome! Hats off to you indeed. Absolutely loving the wishbone stays. Looks brilliant. Definitely excited to see your future builds. Might even have to get one of my own one day…

Ha! thats cool, think of it as a teaser, the frame in the nude

Thanks man! I’m excited about my future builds too, I’m just about to drop half of my hours at work so I can start building frames 2-3 days a week, getting serious now

Thanks, the spuds are so bad they are awesome, my advice get two…

those wishbones are amazing… Congratulations mate, must be an awesome feeling riding your own frame!

The wishbone is porn - it looks very fragile. We need some nice detail shots of this - brilliant first build.

Pretty good weight too, even with the potatoes.

any close up of the lugs lad? looks fucking nice!!

Pure porn…

Need less 'spoks though.

Yeah, going to ride it to work tomorrow and hopefully get some nice photos out in the real light,
if you think the wishbone looks fragile search for English cycles… English Cycles check out them chainstays

Wont do much good, the frame is TIG welded… closeups later in better light


Love their 29 mountain bike - saw it a while back. Their stays look scary - I’m assuming they are safe as?

Nice work. Bikes for tall people are so…tall.

Structurally chain stays can be made redundant with little engineering, look at something like a Yamaguchi Zero or all the other rear triangle-less bikes out there.

This is fantastic, can’t wait for some more photos. I seem to recall you had some headtube badges made up, will one be going on this?

No, I actually managed to forget to braze it on, in my gleeful haste to get it on the road, whoops

incredible, #1 needs to be hung up on the wall, after your 80 years old and look back at all the awesome frames youve built, you want to have #1 on your wall/glass cabinent/cryo frozenn…maybe not the last =)

kudos mr kumo.