Kumo Cycles Hits the Dirt

New bike day!

Just waiting for the belt drive system so I can finish it and post up pretty photos rather than shitty ones with what appears to be my finger in shot.

I fucking love this bike, first ride to work today and I am enamored of fat tyres and disc brakes.

Frame: Kumo Cycles Fillet brazed Columbus Life; 60x58, Paragon slider SS dropouts, PF30 BB shell
Fork: Wound Up Carbon Team Disc, painted to match frame
Wheelset: Chris King ISO hubs laced to DT Swiss TK540 disc rims 32H
Headset: Chris King Sotto Vocce
Cockpit: Zipp Service Course stem and bars, SRAM carbon SS brake levers, Lizard Skins race tape
Arse Support: Thompson Seatpost and collar, Fizik arione saddle
Drive train: SRAM red PF cranks, running cheapo chainring/chain/sprocket till I get the belt drive on there
Brakes: Avid BB7 road version
Pedals: carbon Keos, had eggbeaters on there but my shoes wouldn’t play with the cranks so using my road shoes till I come up with a solution
Tyres: Clement LAS 33c


Holly Molly! I’m pretty stoked with this, and also the fact that you’re always going to be building big bikes for yourself And maybe one day when you’ve run out of space you might sell to other big FOA crew (;


Welcome aboard!

Having some compatibility issues with the belt, might go back to a chain

Mmm good looking. Makes me want to buy a Traitor Ruben.

Also: +1 for Tristen. The world needs more nice 60/58 custom built frames.

Discs don’t normally do it for me, but they seem to make sense on this bike.

How do you like the Clements?

That is looking sweet mate, top work!

What’s your issue with the belt?
Is it the latest version with the centre belt drive?
Much less prone to popping than the original version.

What are the HT & ST angles? looks quite relaxed, no? Also you must be one tall son of a gun.

Nope don’t do it. The Ruben’s clearances are rubbish. One of the guys from Traitor sent me these shots (fitted with a used 40c Michelin transworld). Its a real shame cause it otherwise looks like a great bike (though I’d look for compact geo for a monstercross - riding singletrack etc.)

EDIT: And yes, I know that compact geo looks arse but its useful when needing to dab on a steep climb on uneven ground (saving bollocks and what have you).

My hand built frame makes you want to buy an off the shelf? should I take offence at this?

So far I like them, but I only finished the bike yesterday! Roll nice and fast on the road and feel nice offroad too.

Ill be keen to see how they wear

Its a CDX, The chainring really doesn’t fit on the SRAM red crankset its installed with some modifications that are a bit too hack so I’d prefer to just run a chain for now

72 degree ST to get me back further with the straight seat post, 73 degree head tube

I’m 6 foot 4, this feels pretty compact for me :smiley:

Edit: might look slacker as its been photographed on a slope

If they are anything like the Vittoria XN’s the pavement will eat them up.

No you shouldn’t. Your hand built frame is playing in a different series.

I ride a sscx pompetamine with salsa cowbells, bb7’s and 35mm schwalbes. All i can reasonably wish for: for it to be better looking. Less seatpost, less spacer stack, same reach. More ‘traditional cx’ geometry - higher standover height - more room to shoulder it. A Traitor Ruben would get close to that, but i would need to ride a very short stem. Damn those off the shelf bikes!

Rad, on the same page now.

no offence taken :smiley:

Looks great. Why did you choose the sliders over the rockers?

Also, PM sent.

The built in tensioning bolt makes Getting the tension right on the belt much easier.