Kumo Cycles Hits the Dirt


Yeah at 6’4" I doubt you have much problem with standover height! :wink:

Nice man!

(Keen as a bean to see a dedicated track machine coming out of your workshop BTW.)

Not slack at all, in fact I think a nice set up for an “all rounder”. Sorry I said those words, better than “mixed use” or “utility”.

Again, looks lovely Keith … well balanced. What’s the fork like on the bumpy stuff?

More of a general curiousness question: are you doing design on CAD prior to building? Or building with a jig set to certain sizes to get your angles/ST/TT/HT lengths set first?

Yeah, Cad design first, sometimes full size drawings done by hand too

Nothing has come through?

Someone needs to order one from me!

I do want to use it as a multiple purpose bike,

Fork is good so far, I will probably build a steel fork. I’d feel safer taking big bumps and going down gutters

I would love to see some close ups of them fillets :slight_smile:

Rack mounts?

Your photos are making me miss Canberra too muchi.

I’ll take some photos on the weekend

No rack mounts on this one, thats a job for the next frame that I am building for myself…

dude, that thing is sweet. beautiful craftmanship and well planned out!

Ha ha! … one day I’ll have some coin and I’ll drop you a line.

You talking about me?

oh they are naming more stuff after me…

and these

and a sweet china made fixte


Yeah, but can you ever forgive your parents for naming you after a sandwich?

I think you should load up your van and come up to brisbane for the bike swap,
It’s going to be a great weekend.

I already have!

ha! I could really go a Reuben right now. I like two layers of cheese, one on top, one half way through the stack of meat. It BINDS it, wouldn’t you know?

Thanks very much for the close-ups of fillets :slight_smile: