Kumo Gravel Travel 650b Single Speed

New Kumo hot off the workstand!

I came up with the idea for this bike while I was travelling with my S&S road bike. Travelling with a coupled bike is rad but I wanted something even simpler and faster so I could get out and enjoy a mornings riding anywhere before the girlfriend wakes up.
I wanted something that could be assembled in ~5min and take me exploring.

650b wheels allow me to run super plush 42mm tyres for those times that you find awesome dirt tracks or ancient rutted cobble roads.

Paul racer brakes clear the tyres nicely and are quick to unhook for packing.

Custom fillet brazed stem with internal cable run acts as a front cable hanger.

Custom Titanium Groovy cycles Luv Handles give a nice wide platform and a bit of compliance in the Ti.

White industries crankset, BB and pedals, Chris King rear hub and SS cog.

Pacenti rims

Fizik cyrano seatpost topped with a Brooks Swallow, soon to be replaced with a Brooks Cambium.

Custom engraved Patebury leather work

Lots of little details on this one, like machined titanium bar ends and stem cap that I whipped up on my Colchester lathe

Yeah this thing Rads

This is amazing and I’m so fucking glad it’s not my size.

You’ve done it again…

well rad
very awesome
much spoked

Yep, as a travel bike, thats going to let you do a lot, which is great. And my favourite colour!
Looks like a beastmeister gear you got on there, too :slight_smile:

Keen to this in the flesh next week. So good.

That is rad Keith. Nicely finished

Dang! That rear cable hanger, sweeeeet.

That was the detail that I deliberated on the most, this is version 4 and I’m stoked with how it worked out

Nailed it.

Yeah, whys that? Function, strength, pleasure to the eyes….

Mix of all 3!

Awesome concept, beautifully finished. Cable routing is particularly impressive!
Looking forward to drooling on it at Treadly!

Nice stem.

What goes on in there?

Dark voodoo magic!

There is a ferule fillet brazed through the stem which the brake housing runs into, then a small diameter brass tube brazed onto the end of the ferule. The brass tube has a nice gentle curve exiting the stem surrounded by a round steel reinforcement

Stem extension tube is 1.2mm so it is pretty heavily over engineered but I did this for safetys sake

wow. very very nice.

taking shit to another level.

Awesome Keith. It’s much harder to make a bike that serves a few purposes/styles of riding and this certainly hits the spot. Well though out, looks awesome & I think this would be such a fun bike to ride. Nice to see you flexing your muscles !!

Look forward to seeing this in the flesh :wink:

i like this, alot.

Rad is a mother fuckin understatement

ps, another reason im gonna be a gumwall convert.

“Oh, you know, I didn’t have one so I just whipped it up in the workshop…” Excuse my jealousy.

This is a great piece of work, very enjoy.


The geo reminds me a bit of the Bridgestone XO concept, but this is much more specialised and fine tuned. You look at it and think “this thing would be way awesome to ride man!”.

Do you use a jig to braze your stems?