Kumo Keith on tele

watching “The Business” on the ABC last night, did i see Kumo Keith floggin Truffles? my internet is shagged out so i can’t hunt for videos to verify this, but i’m pretty sure it was, now i know how he has afforded to set up shop, that shit is redoonkurouslay expensive

There is a Truffle Festival on in WA this weekend. Tempted to go up and check it out/blow my weeks salary on something i’ve never tried before!!!

Fucking kidding me, that was the shittest interview ever. I was hoping they wouldn’t use my footage.

Just to be clear, every cent that has gone into my workshop has come from the sweat of my own brow.

I don’t get any of the truffle money, my Mum and Dad need it more. I do the truffle work to help out the family.

i’ve never had em, apparently they smell like shit, but taste amazing, who knows

smell is only usually offensive if you crack open a container with lots in, as there is a concentration of scent.

When it is in smaller doses it is quite nice, the flavour and scent changes over the season.

Starts quite sweet, like brown sugar, then later on goes a lot more mellow and earthy

taste like dirt

I want to try some yet to give it a crack,
Are there any native to aus or are they all European?

There are native truffle in Aust, but they are inedible

Just buy some good quality truffle oil from a proper mushroom shop if you have never tried it. I love the stuff.

Having sampled some of Keith’s parents’ truffles, I can report that they are incredible. The flavour is subtle, but very rich. Mellow but punchy at the same time.

I discovered pretty quickly that a tiny amount of truffle in a pasta dish goes a long, long way. Lately I’ve experimented with polenta, and might try a risotto next, since the little tub of truffle butter in the fridge somehow keeps on giving.

Was also great hearing about the truffle-hunting-dogs from Keith when I met him in Melbourne. It’s sounds a bit more involved than, say, collecting mushrooms from the forest.

EDIT: I also learnt from Keith that Truffle Oil is actually a synthetic chemical: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/16/dining/16truf.html?pagewanted=all

yep, i saw him. well, not sure if i’ve even seen pics of him, but i assume it was the handsome fella towards the start of the segment.

Yeah Keith! Your famous!


Sign my boob

I had a truffle pizza at lunch. Pizza base / sliced potato / shaved truffle. Was delish. Even though I didn’t take a pic of it on instagram - it did happen.

Well that didn’t seem too bad, you couldn’t see that I was shivering badly due to the cold. Had to take off my ratty FOA hoodie

“Making truffles more accessible”…at $2500/kg, yeaahhhh…I’d better try some.

Lets say you use 5g per person, this gives you a decent taste. This adds $12.50 to the meal, which will be using simple ingredients like pasta or eggs, so maybe you are paying $15-$17 for the dish per person.

Now think how much eating out, or a bottle of wine costs.

I’ve got 3 kids…whats “eating out” again??!

One day I’ll try some. The majority of Frenchmen (and Iron Chef) cant be wrong when it comes to these things.

Hell I couldn’t afford to eat truffle (as much) if I wasn’t helping to grow them