Kumo x Melbuurn colabo

Another Canberra bastard coming down to visit you dudes and dudettes.

I’ll be in Melbourne 22nd to 25th April, helping my girlfriend install an art show.

I’m bringing my SS CX and am keen to meet everyone and go for a ride and a beer

Who be keen

I thought this was going to be a thread about you making the new Melbourne blue bikes.

I’m in. You should bring my frame down with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Canberra people meet up more with Melbourne people than we do with Canberra people.


Also do what lemontime did, instead of what Ezy did.
Lemontime: meet up in the afternoon at a bar, go for a small roll to meet more people, ride to a gallery opening where there was free beer, ride to 99 problems, hear about a party for a forum member who owns a bike shop, so go along there and get really drunk with fucken heaps of forum members.
Ezy: do cool and classy things all day then hang out at a bar for a little while then do cool and classy things all night.

Ezy’s thing was great but I got heaps drunk with lemontime so I found that more entertaining, although I did nearly run a girl over when ezy was down so it ended up exciting. Plus I found a really good car wash that day.

Whoah ezy that wasn’t meant to sound like a dig at you, jut incas you read it that way hmmkay
It’s just that there was no time for skids
And there. Shots always be time fo skids

Do the lemontime thing, I’m pretty sure it was heaps fun!

How much do we remember?
I remember telling LP that my gf wants me to grow a mustache

Fuck dude we went and got tattoos together!

I don’t wanna hijack this thread, but I did meet Rolly, and he didn’t look like the forum destroying type… But hey, the more you know I guess…

I remember most of the night I think, that ride from pony bikes to whatever that gallery thing was was pretty cool. Did we even get beers there??

I dint know, I rode back to pony’s cos Christian and Brett were gonna turn up.
Brett did turn up, but he then disappeared and Christian and I came to 99 probes whjere deadlegs got kitcjristompw to come along and then yeah

Fucken aerospaok was the funniest dude that night, goddamn! ‘I don’t need a lock ring or brakes lol I just slow down with wind or almethin’

‘Mazin’ night. I miss Melbz!! Roubaix I will be there perhaps!!

S’all good Dylan! I would have loved to have stuck around a bit longer to chat and get to know people a bit more… and hindsight is a great thing because the party I went to was pretty dull to be honest. Would have rather have stuck around at 99 problems. I still had an amazing time in Melbs due to FOA.

If you are down early enough on the 22nd you can go on the next instalment ofgravel grinders

Hey smellbournites, I am Going to be meeting up with FOA dudes tomorrow evening.

I will be at the gallery fourty five downstairs from 5-7 for a gallery opening, which my lovely girlfriend is in, come by and see art and say hello,

Afterwards I will be walking over to 99 Problems for beer and to talk bikes, come by to meet me and discuss bikes n shit

Come and see some art and have some beer as above Melbourneites!

man, shit night for it! might try and convince the other half to head in for some arrrrrrrrt n shit ay

Free booze

saw your bike out the front of 7 seeds this morn, that was me plaing with it out side if you saw that