Kurth Kiln Ride

I’m thinking of heading out to Kurth Kiln this weekend and doing the Dirty Gran Fondo 50K route - see MapMyRide

I’ll be on my own and haven’t been out on the trails in a very long time so I’m after something pretty straight forward. Anything I should watch out for on this route or is it relatively safe/easy to follow as long as I use my GPS?


Nah that’ll be a ripper eh. I haven’t ridden much out there, but you can’t lose. Might be a few pinchy climbs but they’re not big. I had vague plans to be out there camping tonight but didn’t work out.

Cool, cheers.

I’ve ridden this route, and another one from Officer station out that way. We camped at Kurth Kiln and then rode out to the Warby trail and Lilydale the next day though

^Pete’s (MGG’s) ride from Belgrave to Lillydale via Kurth Kiln: 82.2 km Ride Activity on January 25, 2015 by Michael D. on Strava

That’s it! It was great.