kuwahara road - fixed convertion

this is dead :cry:
both rear stays snapped right behind the seat post pic’s when i got em

grabbed this frame(kuwahara indie hawk, lightweight ) from my old man shed, was fully built as a road-racer, apparently he was all schoolboy champion on this thing back in the day, had old school sized wheel-set and drop downs originally with a full shamano 600 set up (cranks, derailleurs, tensioner, brakes) and was very very dusty. oah and it came with a vintage leather kashimax saddle(SCORE!)

cleaned it up, grinded off all the brake and gear cable guide’s
put on a half decent set of weinmann dp18’s laced to formula hubs,its fixed fixed running 16t and 19t surly cogs,
kept the shimano 600 crankset, got new bolts to make it single chain ring compatible running the original 42t chain ring
gold nitto b201aa risers
izumi v chain
gold mks sylvan pedal and cages with black mks toe straps
tekro(may have spell’t this wrong) brakes and levers
re did the rear stay and the luggs chrome with some spray and then covered the thing in hardcore and punk stickers

its pretty light and balanced really well,
its a bit of a beater too but its fun to ride and not so expensively put together that i will cry if i do something stupid to it

first bike i’ve put together my self, with some help from the boy’s at elite cycles in perth

sorry about dodge photos, but some one borrowed my slr a few weeks ago…

Nice one Gink. Looks pretty hot for a beater! I especially like the black and white sticker discipline…except you went crazy on the forks! :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t someone else have an Indi Hawk up on here a month or two back? (Indi hawk…how skater is that? :lol:)

yeah welli figured the forks needed colour otherwise the yellow and gold might look out of place,

what suprised me the most was the amount of weight 20-30 stickers added i could feel it quite obviously when in put the bike back together

still light as fuck compared to the se draft conversion i was riding before.

true probably one of the most skater bikes around… :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, no. tell me you’re joking.

oh fuck you’ve incited brendan’s wrath, make for the hills!

they were on the top side of the top bar and i do not want to ripe open my shorts or my scrote for that matter, when i fuck up a skid or just generally do something stupid

if this is really the case - and i’m not sure that it is - maybe you should put some plugs in your bar ends.

and some grips while you’re at it…

Looked nicer as the original IMO.

who skids with there balls on the top tube?

Don’t think you would have done much damage unless you were riding naked.

+1 On grips and bar ends.

Hey gink_04
I have just picked up a kuwahara ftrame as well, not sure it is an indie hawk though, it is triple butted cro-mo and pretty light. It looks very similar to your frame minus the chrome. Do you know much about those frames, if so could you PM me as I would be interested to get some info. Cheers

yes getting bar end sorted and i ride with gloves.

blue smurf no idea about pricing and such i just found it in my dads shed,

i only got the idea to grind the cable guides off from a thread on here somewhere.
and fuck i like the look of a smooth frame sorry for being picky and to broke to fork out for a track frame when i had this for free… haters pfft :stuck_out_tongue:

see, this is what i always thought was the real reason you got crazy with the powertools.

so now you’ve ruined an excellent road frame - one with a lot of awesome history and personal significance - because of a fleeting aesthetic ideal, and because you blew all your money on “punk and hardcore” stickers and so therefore couldn’t afford a track frame.

nice work.

xdudex i purchased all those stickers over a shit load of shows and whenever i buy albums or shirts off the net i always buy one or two, knowing that i would want to put them on something eventually

the original paint job and decals were fucked, it was chipped and riddled with surface rust which i had to scrub out,

nothing on his bike was planned, its just i have access to a shit load of power tools at work and thought it would be fun to do so, i get that you dont like it man, thats cool

im guessing your a Melbourne rider, so when im on my 3 month holiday there later this year i wont ask to go riding with you if you want, which sucks coz im guessing our bikes will be out the front of alot to the same shows…

as for the history of the bike its personal, and i do respect it hence leaving the front badge decal and the old school brake leavers on the bike

given i can only really make out a crass sticker on your bike, i’m not sure that that is true. i mean, i like crass, but i don’t think they’re playing any melbourne shows any time soon.

but baby, you can come riding with me any time. we’ve got a lot of things in common. i’ve fucked up my share of bike parts too.

this thread got good.

hahaha this thread got old…

im gonna go for a ride now
see you all in melb later in the year…

oah if any one knows of someone looking for a house mate from nov-23rd till late feb hit me up, prefrebly in the west melb, north melb, parkville, carlton, fitzroy, collingwood area’s as my old house mate’s lives in north melb and parkville so would be good to live close to those guys

yeah crass are good but i prefer most of the other stuff plastered to that bike than them, it just sat in place well

and there we have the history of taking artefacts with meaning and making them meaningless. Like <a href=“Minor Threat vs. Nike | Boing Boing”>this</a>

nice job dude. looks cool. How old’s the Kashimax?