Kuwahara Track Gumtree

Looks okay for the price…

Kuwahara Keirin Track frameset size 53cm Ishiwata Triple Butted | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Strathfield South

Not sure what’s going on with this frame but it’s been sold on eBay twice in the last two months. I only know because I lost out on the first auction but then it came up again a few weeks later and sold and now it’s up for sale again.

^ By the same person? The ad claims it has had one owner.

The owner has been ridden on and off to work for the past couple of years

Interesting, but probably not relevant to the sale.

The bike has a great hand-built wheel-set and a good parts spec that works quite well.

Er…that’s great, but isn’t the sale for the frameset only?


The two listings on eBay were by the same guy using a different user id. When it was listed the second time I sent him a message to see what was going on and he offered me the bike for what I bid previously. I’d since bought a bike so wasn’t interested but was interested on why it was being re-listed. Pretty much same wording in the gumtree ad as the eBay ad. I’m not saying it’s dodgy but if you’re interested in buying it I’d make double sure all is ok before parting with any cash.

Ok maybe not so dodgy, just this link for the previous eBay sale - original owner was in Melbourne, new seller is in Sydney - the ad should probably say ‘only one previous rider’.

If I had a spare $400 I’d be buying this - would be nice to know why the new owner is selling so soon after buying it.

I have the exact same frame. nice to know it is worth this much!

Has the price dropped since the first listing?